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Apr 7, 2008

Sleep is an interesting doorway. We go into another world, another

So where is this place? And why can’t we remember it? Dreams stay in
consciousness for only a few moments. Then they dissolve. But there is
a bigger experience there.

There is a mystical place in meditation much like sleep, a healing
place we can go to and not remember what happened. And there is the
mystical wonder of full consciousness in which the golden universe
unfolds clearly before us and we experience revelations, visions,
insights, awareness.

The real joy is in being entertained by what is within us and what
seems to enter us from the infinite potential. There is a fascination
in both sleep and meditation, a joy, a beauty.

There is a relationship to explore between love, sleep, dreams,
visions. At some point they are one, merging at the same intersection:
my consciousness.

I am that intersect.

It is the joining of consciousness and unconsciousness. Or the
bringing of unconsciousness into consciousness, waking up, becoming aware.

Anthony deMello once said that spirituality is simply being awake.

Or could it also be being fully asleep? Letting go of consciousness?
There is healing in deep meditation and in deep sleep.

These things defy absolute definition. It depends so much on what we
mean by what we say and how we understand the meaning itself.

I hear what I want to hear.

Everything bends into my soul.

Copyright © 2007 by John MacEnulty,
3/28/08, St. Louis , MO


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