I give myself permission to relax. Should be interesting, tonight is end of month. LOL I’ll definitely do my best to get to bed early, but who knows.

Seriously, I like to try to remember this. Just taking moments to just be. Not think, not do, just be. It’s a delightful experience that I started because of my yoga.

The Restoration of Oneness

“God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.”

Genesis 2:3

“Emptiness is the pregnant void out of which all creation springs.read more

My body is my temple of oneness. It connects to everything, everywhere, everytime.

This reminds me of two things:
The picture from this blog: https://em.flinthillspagans.org/a-pix-and-a-dream/ and the image of the person in this blog: https://em.flinthillspagans.org/beautiful-you-must-watch-this-video/

The Body of Oneness

“Begin to see yourself as a Soul with a body rather than a body with a Soul.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“Our bodies know they belong; it is our minds that make our lives so homeless.”

John O’Donohue

“The body is a sacred garment.”

Martha Graham



Your body is an expression of the living Oneness, a temple for the Divine presence.… read more

The gods/goddesses reside in my heart. I knock and they answer.
Trust in my heart. That’s what I learn, that’s what I need. The walls should not be there. I should love and be loved. I should allow it to be free.

This is day 5 and my heart is healing and becoming whole.

The Heart of Oneness

“Love is the essence of all creeds; the true mystic welcomes it whatever guise it may assume.read more

It is time to see. To really really see.

I love mornings when my vibrational level is high and I see everything. I see the curve of the clouds, the burst of wind on the leaves, the speck of dust in the sunlight.

And especially my son….

The Gaze of Oneness

“With enraptured gaze we beheld the white moon rising quietly behind the tall trees, the silvery rays it was casting upon sleeping nature, the bright stars twinkling in the deep skies, the light breath of the evening breeze making the snowy clouds float easily along; all this raised our Souls to heaven.”

St.read more