Press Release

Kevin Bethea, grandson of Ron and Marlene Montgomery, earned second place in the State Kansas History Day competition held last month. He, and another student, Tyler Swaffar, paired up and created a web page that one first place at regional’s and earned a spot to go to the National History Day competition, which is held in June. Kevin’s mother, Kris Bethea, and step-father, John Connett , will be traveling with him to compete next month near Washington D.C.… read more

This was a special year. This year our daughter, Corkyy, joined us for the festival. It was very exciting. Loading the car was a tight fit, but hubby managed it somehow!

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As usual we arrived later in the day than I hoped (and we really need to do better, although next year my son will be graduating from middle school, so it’ll be even later.… read more