• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

A ritual in my own backyard

Last night I did a full moon ritual.
In my new backyard.
I guess we will see if the neighbors get freaked out about it…

It went really well. The moon was gorgeous. The night was gorgeous. And Mars was gorgeous! It is so cool that you can see Mars and that it is closer than it ever has been for about 60,000 years. Amazing. And it really was so very very bright. I was astounded at it’s beauty!

It was a good night…

My boyfriend. (yes, much has changed since I have stopped writing) spent the evening elsewhere playing Divorce Quest. But that was okay. I had a night full of excitement all by myself. I saw a possum wander through my front yard, and a mouse took up residence (or so he thought) underneath my stove.

My new kitty (pictures soon, I promise) stood diligently, until she got bored, in which case the mouse disappeared. I now have no idea where the little critter went. Hopefully away and back from which he came.

Lightning (my boyfriends German Sherpherd – also hopefully pix soon! : ) and Obsidian Stitches (Stitch for short… ask my son, it’s from that movie, Lilo and Stitch) all slept together with the door shut. Didn’t want any mice running around the room in the middle of the night. It was cute, sure, thank you, but NO! Now, if I could give it shots, make sure it was healthy, then, okay. Actually, I would just prefer to find someone with a pet snake. Creatures should not come in uninvited. (Kinda like that spider the other night, she WAS warned… but she didn’t listen, but that’s a WHOLE other story)

Damn, I just looked back. It has been over a month since I last updated anything. Jeez. I gotta get my act together!

More soon.. (I hope)

Blessed Be!


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