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Awakening Your Untapped Resources and Powers

Dec 2, 2007

Awakening Your Untapped Resources and Powers

Within you right now are a whole range of abilities, which you have never, ever drawn upon. Every person is loaded up with a series of talents and qualities, which are far more intelligent, creative, insightful, astute, intuitive, perceptive and courageous, than those they normally use.

But unless the demand is made , your mind will not release these powers. Why? Because there is no need to. Remember, all nature wants is for you to survive and procreate. Everything else is up to you .

If you find yourself in a dangerous and life threatening situation, you system responds by increasing your adrenalin, and affects your body in a variety of ways, giving you more energy and awareness , so you can survive.

It is the demand, or the threat, which causes your system to respond. Demand means a totally focused concentration .

In the same way, when you do any concentrated work fully, you are making a demand – you need more resources, and your system supplies them to you.

Your mind contains a vast range of untapped resources , which are awaiting your call. If it is music your are interested in, it will supply you with it, if it is physics, that will come up, if it is how to be better at your hobbies or sport or career, that will also be given to you.

When you are focusing on and communicating knowledge of Self Development, you will find that many of new abilities arise spontaneously from within yourself, about how to have a far more enjoyable, and fulfilled, and successful life.

This is because the activity of concentrating on Self Development makes a demand on your own inner resources to reveal to you the deeper knowledge of how to be successful, and awaken the hidden power of a higher consciousness and a greater intelligence which exists within you.

This is just the way your mind works.

New ideas flood to the surface, intuitive flashes become common, brilliant answers pour out of your mouth, often to your great surprise, and you are able to recognize where people are coming from and so respond with absolute precision.

But you must know how to make the demand on your inner resources. This requires you to develop more consciousness.

Now let us examine the step-by-step method for you to become a more intelligent, perceptive and conscious person.

The first step is to become more and more aware of your behaviors . How do you relate to other people? How do you express yourself? What is the your tone of your voice and your body language? Are you always aware of the effect on others of what you say and do? Can you see how you are creating your life every moment of every day? What is the quality of your energy in every interaction?

Start to observe all these behaviors and modes of self expression. It is often a bit of a shock in the beginning, but it becomes far more interesting as time goes on.

You start to see how you often either sabotage, or undercut your ability to create your life in the way you want it to be. It is just those early life patterns playing out automatically. You are not yet conscious of these, because you have not fully committed to your own Self Development.

When you wake up to this, the light goes on and you sit there stunned as you observe how your past patterns are completely controlling your life , by causing you to express yourself through these restricted and limited behaviors.

Free these up and you have the opportunity to make any powerful or even radical improvements you may want. Leave them as they are, and your life will repeat its patterns over and over again, without any possibility of change.

The only way to do this , to remove the restricting patterns and to open up these abilities of consciousness, intelligence and perception, is by committing yourself to the path of true Self Development . That is what Self Development is designed to do. Nothing else will do it for you.

And the time to do it is right now. Why? Because your inner powers will respond immediately . They are just waiting for your call to free up the benefits they hold.

Goddess Bless!
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