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Down with Summer! Rise, Spooky Sisters, Rise!

Sep 6, 2023 #autumnal, #fall, #tiktok

For too long we have suffered under the tyranny of sunny girls
ray-kissed beach babes who rule with an iron sceptre and a triangle bikini
we were banished to the farthest corners of the earth
seeking shade, air conditioning and a sweat-proof SPF

But our time has come sisters, look around you.
May we rise from the shadows and claim our right place as spooky girls
adorned in chunky knits in the deepest shades and wielding pumpkin-spiced breads and beverages
we shall fight for our right to be the autumnal Queens that we are
for we have been gathering strength in our exile
pinning item after item to our fall aesthetic Pinterest board
and we are ready

So may we lace our boots, maybe wrap our scarf another time and put on another sensible layer
burn things on our simmering pots and forage for goods and such.

Summer will rue what it hath wrought
it’ll pay for every bead of sweat
the bikini will languish forevermore
or until, like June.

@devriebrynn DOWN WITH SUMMER! RISE, SPOOKY SISTERS, RISE! #spookyseason2023 #spookyseasontok #firstdayoffall ? original sound – Devriebrynn



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