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Grim foreshadowing

Feb 27, 2021

A devil and an angel sit in a café and discuss life. (Crowly and Aspheral? LOL, nah…)

The angel asks the devil, “How did you manage to take so many souls?”
“I instilled fear in them,” the devil answered.
“And what were they afraid of? Wars? Hunger? Pain?” asked the angel.
“No, they were afraid of disease,” said the devil.
“Does this mean they somehow didn’t get sick? Disease doesn’t make people turn to the dark side. How did they get so desolate and give up?” the angel asked.
“No . . . they got sick… and gave up and died. Alone.” responded the devil.
“I don’t understand,” the angel cried.
“That year, that dark, dark year, 2020, that lasted so much longer. They believed that the only thing important was living. They gave up everything else just to stay alive because they were scared of death.
They stopped hugging, visiting and greeting each other. They moved away from each other. They gave up all social and familial contacts and everything that made them human.
Eventually, they lost their jobs, ran out of money, and got lost in depression. Mental illness was at an all-time high. It was all their own choice because they were scared for their lives.
They gave up their freedoms and they didn’t even leave their own homes, because that was what they were told was the only thing that would keep them alive. They stopped visiting family and friends. They stopped meeting friends and family for tea, card games, dinner and traveling at all.
The world turned into a prison without forcing anyone into captivity.
They accepted this.
They gave up living just to be alive at least one more miserable day. That wasn’t really life, so they died, a little bit every day. Not from disease, but from losing their humanity. They gave up life until they had nothing left for which to live. Once they reached that point, they were mine,” stated the devil.
“Wow!” exclaimed the angel.
“It was delightfully easy,” responded the devil. “I’ll give the rest a few more years to forget and do it again.”

What happens now?
I guess we’ll wait and see…

*found on the internet, incorrectly attributed to CS Lewis, so stole it and rewrote it and made it my own.


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