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He’s Here!!!

Jan 17, 2008

My first personal entry since the day after Christmas.. and yes!! Thorik is here now!! :)

Aphrodite came early. She came back with me on New Year’s Day (yes, I got to spend new years with Thorik! It was very nice!! :) She and I have been getting along great! We have a lot in common, which makes things so much easier. We understand each other and that’s really unusual for me to see in another female. I have found myself a new friend!

Then, I had to get the moving truck using my credit card, so of course I had to be there. *sigh*

Thorik wanted me to bring back his car, so David Taxman rode up with me and took my Kia “Black E” back to KC with him. (Yeah, that was the first time I met him too! LOL)

Thorik still had packing to do when I got there Friday night. We were up until 2. Got up at 7 to pick up the truck at 8. Started loading his storage unit.. and then Aphrodite’s friend Brett showed up a bit after lunch.

It took most of the afternoon to do the storage unit. (I told Thorik he really shouldn’t bring EVERYTHING.. there wouldn’t be room LOL, so he was trying to go through things. We got to the point, though, where if the box was in good condition, we just loaded it.. deal with it later. He left a lot of stuff, though.. ;) Thank the gods!!)

Then he went to his mom’s house with his friend Mike, who had showed up later… Brett had to leave around 4. While they were at Thorik’s mom, I went to the apartment and ordered pizza!!

Mike had to leave around 10:30, so we continued for a while, but we were exhausted. No way we could drive. So, Thorik, Corkyy and I laid down on the bed that wasn’t being moved and tried to sleep. UNFORTUNATELY, it was right before midnight and the downstairs neighbor starting having a party. *sigh*

I think I slept a couple hours… but I did sleep and it did help. Blah.

We finished loading and drove outa town at 9:30. I had people lined up for noon to help unload. (But I’d planned on being there Sat night) of course we didn’t get there until 1:30 and my people couldn’t stay too long. A family heirloom, a entertainment center, handcrafted, fell off the truck, Thorik got hurt in the process of trying to save it. I’m hoping my insurance will cover it.. *sigh*

So, I called in sick (and with all my aches and pains, I AM sick. My knee is fucked up too.. *sigh*) Monday and we finished unloading. After the entertainment center incident, we didn’t get much done.. and Thorik was asleep before 6pm. (He was very upset…)

I went to bed at 8, as soon as I got my son to bed..

Started early on Monday and finished unloading. Lotsa aches… :(

Put my son to bed, went to drop off the truck around 8:15 and went to Blind Tiger for a nice beer. Got home at 11pm and went to bed. (No worries, Aphrodite and Corkyy were there with my son, but he was asleep the whole time).

The moving is over, now the unpacking and organizing needs to be done. It is a MESS!!


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