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Jan 28, 2008


Hope is a necessary component for a healthy life. Those who are filled with hope find
lifes disappointments easier to manage. Hope is the provider of silent strength, a will
to move forward and grow despite obstacles. Hope fuels the soul and fires our passions.

Often we project our hopes in ways that are self-defeating. We put our faith and hope on
other people, money, or other things wishing them to manifest peace and joy in our lives.
When those other things are taken from us we end up feeling defeated and devastated.
It is in these moments we must realize that hope is something that must be nurtured
within. Hope cannot be dependant on changing variables, but can only remain constant when
we keep it centered on that which truly matters: love, respect, and faith.

Today’s Exercise:

Reflect on a time where you put your hope into something that didn’t manifest as you had
wished. Remember those feelings and reflect on what this experience taught you about hope
and faith. Did you allow it to make you resentful, to undermine your confidence, or test
your faith? On hindsight can you see the value in the experience? Did it help you to find
alternatives? Did you end up stronger for having had the experience? How has your
perspective changed from these few moments of reflection?

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