• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Making OUR America great again — OUR way

I had what may have been an Epiphany. I could be wrong. I don’t know.. but.. here it is
Social Media has grown a LOT in the last 8 years.
For 8 years, we saw Republicans / Conservatives spout hate.
Democrats / Liberals thought that they were above all that. (yes.. I’m dogging both.. Keep in mind that I am quite liberal, although I voted for neither party.. it’s time to get rid of parties)
Now, we are seeing Dems / Liberals spouting similar hate.. for different reasons.
But the basic reasons are still there.
But mostly fear.

We see a meme that expresses how we feel, and we instantly share it.. and our friends on the other side.. are now hurt.

Everything that has happened over the past 8 years has now been reversed. The tables are turned.

We all feel we are right. We all have invested a lot of time into ourselves.

I just want to say.. The candidates are not us. The presidents are not us. We are ourselves. One president cannot change anything alone. They must get the House and Senate to go along with it.
In some cases, the Supreme Court have to be involved.

I am going to do this myself…
The issues are different, but the base is the same.
We are all knee-jerk reacting because of fear.
That’s all it has ever been.

THAT being said, and if you made it this far, thank you.
Yes.. there is another factor that makes this different.
There are definitely levels of hate involved.
Some of that fear now is for the very lives of people who we may know, care about, even our own family and children.

That fear is real and I am NOT taking that away. That is something that is a basic fear, instinctual and there is nothing wrong with it.

Let things settle down. Keep yourselves, friends, family, safe.
And if the hate continues to grow. If safety continues to be an extreme and realistic concern, those of us who can WILL go and make a difference. I have already agreed with my son. If I need to hide people in my home to keep them safe, I will. I will fight for the safety of others at the risk of my own life.
I will not see our country fall apart because of hate.
I am an active member of an Interfaith Group and I believe in them. I believe in what they stand for, and i know that this group of wonderful men and women will stand together to prevent the hatred and danger from coming into my community.

Get involved in your community. Make a difference there. Make sure all people are safe in your corner of the world…. united-states-constitution-we-the-people
And that’s where it matters, ya know?

Let’s take this one day at a time.
Stop the hate.
Help people work through their fears.
Let’s make America great again OUR WAY!!!



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