• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Stop sharing the hate

I just posted this on FB


Stop. Just stop.
Stop sharing the hate.
Ya know.. for the past 8 years.. I unfriended haters.. of Obama.. unless they were friends with me in real life.. and them, I unfollowed.. or just followed less…
And I thought.. stupidly.. that my liberal friends were above the hate.
I was wrong.
So stop with the sharing of hate. If I know you in RL, I PROBABLY won’t unfriend you, but I will certainly unfollow you.
Start sharing ideas that will FIX things.. in your community, in your corner of the world. Start sharing positive stuff to help us all make it through this ALIVE.
Hating on the hate doesn’t make it better.
STOPPING the hate makes it better. We all have corners of our world where we can make a difference…
Sharing the hate on FB will not change anything.. hello!!!
President Obama was STILL President for 8 years..
Signing petitions online, no.. those won’t change anything. Signing PHYSICAL petitions might.. they definitely are more likely than the online version.
Sharing media stories.. they are all biased. That’s not going to help a damn thing. We can all find stories that will support our beliefs.. our opinions..
stop sharing and get off your fucking asses and DO SOMETHING.
This is your one and only warning from me. If I stop commenting or liking even your FUN posts.. I’m prally not seeing them any more.
If I suddenly unfriend you.. get a clue.. maybe you have too much hate going on in your life.
Yes.. the world sucks right now. Yes.. there are bad things happening because other bad things happened.
Find the good stuff.
DO the good stuff.
but bitching about it on FB doesn’t do a goddamn thing except make the wedge between good people bigger and uglier and more and more horrible.
I’m tired.
I’m sad.
I’m an empath.. and this world is killing me.. and people like me.
Help yourself. Help others. Be active, not passive…
and think of the children.
*steps off soapbox*


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