• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

New Moon ritual – Kali Revisited

Did a new moon ritual last night. It was nice.


It was kinda like this one..

but the key to my ritual was this phrase
“I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

and I wrote them down during the ritual, it was beautiful. ;)
I, of course did my usual,

Financial Security
Job Security

then I took it to the spiritual level.

Psychic communication and understanding
Emotional Awareness
Following my path
Helping others whom I can truly help but guiding those I cannot help.
Magic and Power
New Knowledge and Understanding

stuff like that…

and finished it off with

then I combined it with another one I found online:

Write on your scrap of paper your goal you wish to complete.  Roll up the paper, scroll-like, then tie it with the ribbon, as you do this, visualize yourself completing this New Moon mission.  If you like, you can say a prayer or some words, then when you are ready, say,

‘Silver Moon, Magic Moon, This scroll is tied with silver thread,
A task will be done, before the month has fled’.


I tied the ribbon and melted some black candle wax over it.

At the beginning of the ritual, I called the corners as always (this time around my deck so that I could use the table that is back there.) and did my New Moon ritual chant and opening of the veil from light to darkness. Once I stepped inside, I did the list and manifested my desires by fulling listing and reading them aloud. Finally, upon completion, I peaked through the veil, finally stepping out of it and then closing it behind me.

It was absolutely perfect.


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