In other news, an update I sent to some old friends of mine last weekend:

Samo Samo
My son started 4th grade..
Tons of homework and he hasn’t even had a full week yet! LOL
It’s gonna be an exciting year.

Going to a railroad festival today. Should be fun! ;)

Since I missed the Heartland Pagan Festival this year, I’m making up for it by going to the Gaea Goddess Gathering.. … read more

A Glorimendous Day – A personal perspective
by Kiersten Elaine

It started as a beautiful morning and progressed into a gorgeous day.

The pavilions stood proud against the clear blue sky while the flags danced softly in the breeze.

The crowds started showing up shortly before 11 and the first battle began at noon. After the first rounds were over, the battle upon horses began.… read more

I just finished sharing my story in a forum. I realized that I had never shared it with my journal. It is an appropriate time to share this story, since my hubby and I managed to forget our anniversary a little over 10 days ago. Married for 7 years, and we BOTH forget it. Really sad, isn’t it?

Well, here is the story of my husband and I.… read more