I fought it.. I fought the definition tooth and nail.. the OLD definition.

Okay.. I’m now thinking i really AM a feminist…
because, now I think one can be a lady AND a feminist.
Yes, please. Still open doors for me, treat me like a lady, but NEVER EVER DOUBT that I am your EQUAL.
It’s all about EQUALITY.

Thank you, Liz Warren, for giving me a reason to revisit my understanding of the word.… read more

It’s always darkest before the dawn.. or something like that, right?
Well, it is pretty dark now. Really dark. Somewhere, there should be a light, isn’t that how it goes?

Life sucks. Life is a bitch and then you die. Life was great. I thought things were going really great. (Except for my miscarriage) but not only is life not great, it really sucks.… read more