I do love a challenge… Even if.. or should I say, especially if it comes from a student. It was not a Direct challenge, but the wording within the paper, where it directly addressed me and some things I said in class, I could just let it slide, or I could take it as a challenge. I chose the challenge. After all, only one month left before school is out.… read more

Today, I had my students create a ritual for Earth Day…
And I’m sure I could get into TONS of trouble… ;)

Oh well.. It was under a different “guise” so I think I’ll be okay. I mean, it IS a native american community. :) (also, I did offer a different option to those who weren’t comfortable with creating a ritual for Earth Day)

Anyway, I just wanted to share this one, that a student wrote.… read more

Happy Birthday to me…

In one of my groups this week, a person started this discussion…

“Christian witchcraft, Christian Wicca
Merry Meet Explain Wiccack Christianity, if you would. I have heard of
Christopagans, The Elder Mary Tradition of Wicca, Universalist
Wiccans, and even something really close to Wiccans for Jesus, but
Wiccack is a new one on me. Please do go into details!… read more

When was the last time I went out? Hmm.. lets see. I met my brother at a bar one eve when he needed to talk to me. This was before he moved to Oklahoma City, back in August. A while back, yes. Tiz my birthday coming up. I haven’t done anything while Michael stayed home with Kevin in a very very long time (unless it was work related) My best friend from college wanted to go out to eat or something, and have a drink or two.… read more