• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

My birthday and online discussions

Happy Birthday to me…

In one of my groups this week, a person started this discussion…

“Christian witchcraft, Christian Wicca
Merry Meet Explain Wiccack Christianity, if you would. I have heard of
Christopagans, The Elder Mary Tradition of Wicca, Universalist
Wiccans, and even something really close to Wiccans for Jesus, but
Wiccack is a new one on me. Please do go into details! about these
traditions. I have trying to collect information about different
traditions of witchcraft. If you are a member of one of these
traditions, or you have helpfulinformation from your research would
you please post information about these.
Christopagans The Elder Mary Tradition of Wicca, Universalist Wiccans, Wiccack Christianity Wiccans for Jesus jewitchery [Jewish Witches] one of the questions that come to mine is how to these traditions fit
the Jewish and Christian Bible into their belief example when the
Bible says have no other gods before me, would suggest there is only
one God. How does this fit into the fundamental doctrines of Jewish
and Christianity into their belief system. As a practicing witch I do
not see how the two faith systems are compatible, so I am asking your
help in understanding their belief.

Blessed Be Wizard”



then, this other person responded with this

“ I believe you have come across an oxymoron. It is impossible to be a christian pagan. One of the meanings of pagan, (which wicca is) is belief in many gods, polytheistic. Christianity is monotheistic. As you may notice, they contradict. Therefore it is impossible. Anyone claiming to be a christian wiccan is confused. They will not be accepted by either group. But it did give me a good laugh, thanks.”



Well, I couldn’t help myself, I had to say something, so here was my reply…

I’m afraid that I am one — perhaps just one of a minute few — who will wish to argue this…

A few web pages discussing this very issue are already in existance…


Sacred Rituals Which explores Christianity and Witchcraft.

and I’m sure you can find others just by searching using yahoo or google…

My point? I believe that there is enough room under the general term “pagan” to fit nearly any religious belief.

Pagan, as defined by Margot Adler in __Drawing Down the Moon__

“Pagan comes from the Latin paganus, which means a country dweller, and is itself derived from pagas, the latin word for village or rural distract. … Negative associations are the end result of centuries of political struggles during which the major propetuic religions, notably Christian, won a victory over the older polythesiestic religions.” Basically, Adler says, pagan was a term of insult.

Later in her book, Adler interviews a Wiccan couple by the name of Frost. Yvonne is quoted as saying “I say there is one deity, without gender.”

I will never laugh at someone who may say to me, I am a Christian Wiccan, because, somewhere, deep inside, they found something that reached to them, something that fits them and who am I to make fun of that?

Aren’t you, by ridiculing these beliefs, doing exactly what traditional christians have done to us?

Besides, it has been argued that there is more than one “god” in the Catholic belief system.

There is the father, son and holy ghost. (three) Then, of course, is the Virgin Mary (the goddess). Are there such differences that you, as a pagan, cannot open your eyes and see that this is the beginning of a possible understanding and merging of beliefs? Must you mock something young? What harm are you causing by not giving a new belief a chance?

An’ Harm Ye None, Do As Ye Will

Everyone needs a belief. Who are you to take that away from anyone?

Blessed Be!!


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