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Apr 9, 2007
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Lauren D´Silva
BellaOnline’s New Age Editor


Where is Your Clutter?

Most of us have places in our homes that collect clutter. Clutter creates pockets of stale energy & can make us feel ‘stuck’. The junk that accumulates will impact on your life in a way that is connected with the area of your home it is left in. In an ideal world we would all live clutter free- but if you are anything like me you’ll know that clutter clearing takes a conscious effort!

To determine your priorities first take an actual or mental tour of your home & note the ‘clutter zones’. Then think about what area of your life they impact upon. Your home can be seen as symbolic of yourself and your life. The parts you clutter up show the areas of yourself or your life that are blocked or neglected.

Let’s take my own home as an example. My biggest ‘clutter zones’ are my kitchen table- that’s where I read my mail and often leave it sitting for a few days, my desk- again lots of paper clutter and the utility room- everything without a home to go to winds up there it seems.

Analysing my clutter habits I can see that the kitchen table isn’t a huge problem. It gets cleared off several times a week every week, so nothing sits too long on there- the longer things sit in one place the more congealed the energy gets around them. However it may be that I could focus more on nourishment of myself & my family at the table, as that is really what it is for- food shouldn’t be competing with the post! I could open the mail elsewhere.

My desk is more of an issue. Like so many people I do struggle with paper clutter generally- it just keeps coming doesn’t it? The dreams of the ‘paperless office’ that computers were meant to bring us appear to be a long way off. I tend to blitz the desk from time to time, but it soon builds up again. I do owe it to myself to keep it clearer because it is my working environment if I am writing or dealing with correspondence. When I am surrounded by too much paper it can make me feel muddle-headed. Perhaps I could set a time each week for desk clearing- and stick to it!

Last but definitely not least is my utility room. I started clearing it out today- it is so tempting to have a ‘general dumping ground’ but in energy terms it is very unhealthy. This is where I house all my laundry & cleaning equipment. When it gets too built up in there I feel the energy gets ‘grungy’ so that even the clean laundry in the ironing basket doesn’t feel as fresh as it should. The knock-on effect is that it makes me feel scruffy! Time to go & finish the job I think!

In truth there is nowhere that you can stash junk and ‘get away with it’, but if you are trying to improve an aspect of your life and you stow your clutter in the corresponding area of your home then your efforts will be hampered.

Here are some key areas of the house to think about:

Entrance hall – The entrance hall ‘colours’ the energy as it enters your house through the front door. Keep it as clear and pleasant as possible. You are psychologically affected by the things you pass by- as you are likely to go in and out of your front door several times a day the energy in this space has a profound effect on you. This space also has an impact on the way you present yourself as you go out into the world.

Main living room-this is a space to be sociable in. Do you cringe & apologise for the state of your living room when you have visitors? If you do, or you avoid having people round because of the clutter, it is time to clear. If you want to attract more friends into your life keep this space comfortable & welcoming & don’t let people dump stuff in here (yourself included!)

Kitchen- this is where you provide nourishment for yourself and your family. You should be able to focus on preparing & eating food without lots of distractions. If you are going for weight loss & have a cluttered kitchen you should prioritise your clearing here.

Bathroom- this is your space for cleansing the physical body. Make sure that it is clutter free for total energy cleansing too. Symbolically you ‘constipate’ your life when you have clutter in the bathroom.

Main bedroom- this is where you spend a large part of your life, so it makes sense to focus on making it lovely for you- you deserve a nice bedroom. If you sleep poorly and have clutter in the bedroom you may find things improve after a good clear out. Your love life may also be seriously impaired by too much stuff in the bedroom- it is ‘competing’ for attention. If you want a more loving relationship get clearing here.

These are just some spaces that can get cluttered. Come and join us in the New Age forum to ask questions, discuss your clutter issues & to share your de-cluttering success stories.

If you need more inspiration read Karen Kingston’s book Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui: Learn the Art of Space Clearing and Bring New Energy into Your Life. It is truly motivating and it changed the whole way I looked at my house and my life.


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