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Wow! So much to do! Ch ch ch ch changes!!

Dec 26, 2007

Well, it has been an interesting Yule.

I met Aprodite and Corky. :) They are both good people!

I was nervous, of course, but it went well. I was surprised to discover at 10 minutes till 5pm that all 3 of them were on their way to my house. I knew that Aphrodite and Thorik were coming, but I was not aware that Corky was still with them. I had been under the impression that she was to remain in the hospital at KU Med. *blush* I was not ready for the extra person. I hadn’t prepared the basement at all, since Aphrodite wanted to just sleep on the couch. And when they called they were already on the turnpike!!

So I rushed home at 5 (picking up my son along the way of course) and tried to get ready. It was hopeless and about 15 minutes after we got home, they arrived. My son was all excited, of course. :) Ah, to be young! I was excited too, but I was horribly nervous..

Doorbell rang and I answered. I put on my happy face and welcomed them to my home… possibly soon to be THEIR home. :)

I saw Aphrodite first. She looked so tired. I gave her a big hug. Then I saw Corky. The universe went CLICK and it was like, wow… I know her. Denise had said that Thorik had a past life debt to Corky, but apparently, I have some sort of past life connection. I gave her a hug as well. She was cautious, but she did hug back.

Then, everyone came in, and I offered them spots on the couch. We chatted for a while, then Thorik decided to start unloading the car. I went out with him and grumped about the little to no headsup that Corky was going to be with them and told him he had to help me get the basement ready. Then I gave him a hug and a kiss. *grin* He was worried cuz I had texted him my displeasure at the short notice.

We unloaded the car and then I gave the ladies a tour of the house.

They stayed for nearly a week; arriving on Monday eve and getting snowed in on Saturday. They left Sunday afternoon. It was wonderful!

During that time, it was decided for them all to move here. Corky was getting more and more comfortable with me every day. She really seemed to like my son and even told her Dad that she liked me too. :)

When they left, it was hug time again. Aphrodite is suprisingly comfortable with hugs. For a lady who is not a people person, she accepts hugs readily. There was one other time during the week that I felt she needed a hug and just went up and gave her one. :) I think that surprised Thorik, but I think I helped. I get to be mediator between Aphrodite and Corky. But I think that will be fine.. It worked fairly well thus far and as we all get more comfortable, I will become more active with it. I think it is what I’m supposed to do. Anyway, I gave Corky a hug and this time she was much more receptive and really hugged back. I told her it was a pleasure to meet her and that she is one hell of a young lady. :)

During the interim, we figured out dates. Yup. They are going to move here the weekend of January 11th. Interesting. That was when I started moving into this house 3 years ago. (Another interesting tidbit, my cool neighbors across the street are moving that day and the people who bought their house are moving too!)

So, now, I stress a little. So much to do. So little time. It’s gonna be weird. Yeah, I’m nervous. I need to get the bathroom downstairs at least working. Looking at getting flooring, toilet and sink downstairs. Thorik says he can handle that. The futon will be moved upstairs into my computer room for Corky. They will probably need to rent a storage unit because they have so much stuff. LOL

Fortunately, Aphrodite’s work moves with her, so that will work out just fine. She will stay here until she finds her own place. Corky may or may not move with her. That will depend on many things. Corky is 18 now, but with some disabilities. She needs her mom for insurance and perhaps even for SSI and SSL.

So, I’m a bit nervous. Two ladies are moving into my home along with Thorik. And it’s just a few weeks away! That will help my bills tremendously. My son is adaptable and I’m mostly certain he’ll be okay.

They have 4 cats and I know Obsidian Stitches is gonna hate that. *sigh* That might be the toughest part of all. Poor kitty.

I’m going up there this coming weekend. I’m going to meet Thorik’s family, help them pack some and bring back one of their cars. Plus, this way I can spend New Years with Thorik. It really bugged me that we were going to have to be apart for the New Year. That never bodes well, in my mind… but it matters not, now… we will be together!!

So, I’m nervous about how my son will handle things. But at the same time, it will be good for him. I heard from my ex’s new wife that they will be getting a bunk bed for him soon, so he will have a place to sleep when he visits there.. especially important with his Dad hopefully home by my son’s birthday! But, as I was saying, it will be good for my boy because it won’t be just me and him and perhaps the switching back and forth with his dad when he comes back won’t be so tough. I won’t be spoiling him quite as much. He won’t always get 100% of my attention. (Except when necessary of course, don’t get me wrong, I just mean on the regular day to day basis, not times when he needs and deserves 100%. That will never change, no matter what is going on in my life! He’s still my only child, my miracle child, my baby!)

I’m also nervous about myself. Sharing space yet again. LOL
This time, however, it is MY space. It won’t be another Tracy-bitch kicking me out or anything. Mine. *grin* My decision and need for help with bills is a huge factor in this decision. Especially since my parents refused to cosign a loan to consolidate my bills. (Curious? There’s an old blog post about that somewhere on here..)

And of course, you really don’t know someone until you live with them. I will soon be finding out how well I live with Thorik! That has me a bit nervous too… and even then, it won’t be a true discovery until after Aphrodite moves out. So, he has leeway. I will have to work on patience and understanding and just be supportive.

Am I strong enough to do all that? Support, listen, mediate, comfort, calm, give and receive, live?

I guess I will find out soon. I know I’m strong.. but it’s been so long. I need to find a middle area where I help the others but still keep enough energy for myself. That is where I failed so many times before… I never left any energy for myself. This is a true test in so many ways..


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