Well, since the last time I wrote here, my neighbor’s house burnt down… all was lost. That which was not burned, was destroyed by smoke or water.

Also, I still have not found my BOS. I haven’t really had time this week to look, but I’ve gone thru at least 5 boxes, and still no sign of it. I’m trying to remember if I kept it on the plane with me, but I didn’t.… read more

Still no luck finding my BOS… I probably need to look harder…

Anyway, there is this lady that I work with. I’ve been wondering for a while now if she is a pagan. She is very Earthy and such. When she decorated for Christmas, one of her lights was in the shape of a pentacle. (Christmas lights on ceiling, circle with star) Then, for Christmas, she got me this gorgeous ceramic candle holder.… read more

My goddess, where has time gone?

My newborn baby keeps me hoppin’ at all hours… hmmm he is over six months old already. Wow! :)

But, now, I am back!
Well, mostly. I’m back in the good ole US of A. Back in the land of twentyfour hour grocery stores and Wal-Mart!

BUT, after moving, and finally getting a home, and unpacking the computer, and getting back online, I still have one LARGE problem!… read more