I be majorly stressed out.. Got this job interview tomorrow, and I NEED this job like you would not believe….

(hell, they called this morning and said, can you come in tomorrow for an interview??!?! Are they insane? Do I have my portfolio together? Hell no, who’s fault is that, mine… I tried to teach my son a new word today… Procrastination… He just pulled my hair and laughed… ah youth)

Well wishers, candles, prayers, anything anyone who is reading this is willing to send would be soooo apreciated…

As I will be up all night trying to finish my portfolio..… read more


Last night on one of my egroup discussions, a question came up.

Is there a difference between Magick and Prayer?

All the pagans in the group answered no, and it rather upset the Christian who had asked the question. Basically, everyone agreed that prayer and magick are the same thing.
My response was thought out, and researched using a dictionary… (hey, it was there and accessible)

Then the Christian said she was going to pray for us.… read more

Well, the Christian holiday is over. I guess I was not meant to visit my family since the radiator hose on my vehicle broke as we were cruising down the interstate.
Took my baby in for a 9 month checkup and he has an ear infection. We get to go back in 10 days. Poor little guy. His weight is down to the 25th percentile and his height is down to the 10th percentile.… read more