Hi All,

After some pondering and ciphering I’ve decided to make the final delivery spot the back parking lot.

Again, depending on your situation, coolers are probably a good thing to bring.

As were closer to ‘cooking’ time, I wanted to address a couple of things about pastured chickens and what to expect. I know many of you are familiar with how they’ll be but if you’ve never cooked/tasted one before, it’s different from what you’ve been conditioned to accept by commercially processed/raised birds.… read more

Processing day for your broilers is 2 weeks away. Things have gone smoothly as of late out on the pasture (but we need some rain!). Once you get into a habit of taking care of the birds and get all of the little bugs worked out, it goes fairly quickly and you actually have more time to enjoy watching the birds rather than just working them.… read more

Stolen from online somewhere, but good to have and good to know. Crazy world out there right now!

1    backpack – water resistant
1    canteen of water (replace periodically, to keep fresh)
1    package of water purification tablets
1    whistle
1    “Swiss Army” pocketknife
2    road flares
2    33-gallon heavy-duty plastic bags (in an emergency, these can be
used for: ground covers, makeshift shelters, waterproof storage
containers, or cut a hole in the center of one, at the bottom, for a
waterproof poncho)
6    camper food meals dated (usually these have a 7-year shelf life)
1    Johnson & Johnson Auto First Aid Kit
1    Boy Scout Handbook
1    AM/FM radio, with an extra set of long-life batteries (test
2    candles
1    box of waterproof matches, and a “Bic” lighter
bottle of liquid antiseptic soap
1    toothbrush and toothpaste
100 feet of 1/4” nylon rope
1    small waterproof flashlight, with extra batteries
$50 in cash — 3 tens, 3 fives, and 5 ones
1    pad and pencil
6    “Kleenex” tissue packs, pocket size
1    compass
1    folding shovel
1    sharp hunting knife, with sheath
1    mess kit, utensils, and Sterno fuel
1    roll duct tape
1    hatchet
2    bungee cords
1    cup
1    emergency thermal blanket
1    bottle/pak potassium iodide tablets

These items are “basic” necessities.… read more