• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

A Poem About Me

May 3, 2007

from the dude who loves me…

She is darkness
Yet brought light to me

She is my pride
I’m her embarrassment

She is a bitch
She brought misery to me

She is my dream
She is my nightmare

I only wanted to make her happy
My feelings were not considered

She is a lover
Who pleasures all but me

She says it’s an obsession
I say its love

She is the future
But I’m not in it

I was her friend
Now I am nothing

Yes she is:
A Bitch
A Lover
A Mother
My Hell
And she was mine

We were a couple
Now she tolerates me

She’d like me around
But it hinders her search

She believed in us
Now I’m told to disappear

Our hearts beat separately
But our souls were one

She may be the darkness
She may be the bitch
She may my hell
She may be my nightmare
She may have hurt me
And our souls are not one
But I love her as no one should.



I'm Me!