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A Search for the Truth?????

Aug 12, 2008

It all started because of this video in a bulletin on MySpace:


Which had me “shocked” enough to email it’s author (forwarded by “Search for the Truth”)
You lost me on this one… Secret Satanic Societies Rule the World?

What IS your religion?

Aliens… yes..

Why is this video so important? Basically, it says God is Good, if you don’t believe in the Abrahamic God, then believe this shit?

Nah. No connection.

I believe in Conspiracies. I believe in a lot of stuff. But I DON’T Believe that true satanists would be behind what this video suggests.

I am pagan. Ecclectic Wiccan.
I’ve known Satanists. They are NOT how they are portrayed in movies or Christian Books. They are good people. There are young people, Goths, misunderstood, who haven’t learned the true path of Satanism. They play “games” and that is what we hear about in the news.

No… I do hope you won’t send any more religous based thoughts that leave no room for discussion or thoughts.


Which he responded to with:
I study all religions in order to have an open mind, But I also believe there is one government controlling all others, there is only a few on top of the pyramid while the rest are at the bottom stuck in ignorance, I get alot of religious people from all religions not liking one thing or another everyone has their own beliefs, I don’t mean to offend anyone and thanks for your reply ;) ~L~

So I had to expand on my original thoughts, hopefully to express them better:
I will agree about the government. And I will agree about Religion, however, the idea of Satanism portrayed in that video is incorrect, which is the only reason I complained.

Where there is Truth there is understanding, however, someone who is searching for the truth should be aware of all truths… and to forward a video about something that spouts lies (that can be researched online, if you so desire) then that search for the truth is a failure.

I believe in you dude…
I know it’s tough to research every single thing, but a little bit of knowledge about a lot of things goes a lot further than blindly forwarding something that is not based on truths…

Does that make more sense?

Yes, I believe strongly in my Goddess, Mother Earth, however, there is room for all sorts of beliefs and I would never say mine is correct. This email isn’t in regards to the fact I am not a mainstream christian, it is in regards to the fact that that video is full of falsities and doesn’t stand up to the rest of your beliefs in your own personal search for the truth.


If you allowed comments on your bulletins, I would share my thoughts there and we could have a “disucussion” about them. I’m not saying I’m completely correct, however, I am saying that to believe that everything is controlled by a Satanistic group and then using the images of the lies given by the media, just seems… odd..

*hugs* and Blessings,

—His response:

If you want to talk to the person who posted this her name is maria ,im sure she would feel free to talk to you about her posts and what she believes to be true, she is the original poster below. Have a nice day ;) ~L~

Ya know, if the boy can’t even hold a discussion / debate, perhaps he isn’t truly searching for the truth…

Either way, here is my response:
However, she may have posted it, but you forwarded it. Yours is the callsign about truth….

I’m not upset with you.. I am attempting to start a discussion with you. ;) I’m trying to understand which part of the video you felt made it necessary to forward. Everything except the satanism? I, too, am on a quest for truth…

Do you not know any satanists?
I doubt there are any satanists on MySpace, or at least none that I am aware of.

I do know some Heathens though. Quite a few, actually. They may not be a learned about Satanism, but they also may have some insights! :)

*hugs* and Blessings,
We ARE all here to learn, aren’t we?

We’ll see what happens now… but I have doubts about his research. I think he is forwarding things on without ever looking at them.. Which is really sad.

— Update 8-13-08

Actually one of my best friends I worked with was a complete devil worshipper but he was a cool person. In that video I re-posted… Yes I do feel it is true because I do see the darker agendas that are hidden from the public,Some people are stuck in the system they created and don’t even know it. There are alot more crazier things in this world besides UFOs Witchcraft and others, there is also an Agenda from what I beleive to be the reptilian race who are mentioned in the bible as the serpent , also in all other religions there are dragons and reptiles and they all have the same symbols as in the video. It is hidden from most people because they are lied to and do get upset when they see it because they don’t want to feel stupid or ignorant. David Icke speaks about the reptilian bloodline who include the Royals 41 presidents of the US and whoever else and trust me, there agenda is very dark such as sacrificing people to there Owl God @ Bohemian Grove, why they do it I don’t know. Would you care to fill me in EM ;)

My response:
I will agree about Dark agendas. Definitely! ;)
But I don’t like the term associated with it.. Satanism. There are darker things than satanism and David Icke has some good ideas, but once again, it returns to religion.. LOL

Sometimes, just sometimes, don’t you feel that all this is truly above religion? Or a religion that we aren’t even truly aware of?

Humans are sooo good at categorizing everything that they feel that it’s not real unless it fits into a category..

I think there is much humans have not created categories for yet… or at least the general public… ;)

Religion is just a way to “hide the truth” …. LOL
That’s why my beliefs are simple.
Mother Earth.. Father Sky. The stars and the moon.


Here before me … here long after me…
Maybe not forever.. but then again, in some form, earths, skies, suns and moons WILL be around forever.. (except for the imploding universe theory…)

Thanks for explaining your thoughts! It really makes a difference!!


Ah, a nice resolution… all is well in the world.. ;)

Thanks ;) There are alot of Wiccans on my friendlist, they taught me a few spells, one was a candle spell where you write your wish on a piece of paper
then fold it, you tie a ribbon around it then you light a white candle and repeat your wish with full intension 3 times, then you burn the tips of the paper which sends your wish to the cosmos, after that you put the piece of paper with ribbon in your room somewhere where you can see it as a reminder. I understand where your coming from I keep an open mind about everything. Thanks for the reply EM Take Care ~L~ ;)


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