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Jan 22, 2022

When was the moment you realised that some fuckery was going since the start of the pandemic?
by inCoronavirusCirclejerk

Best conversation… but in case it ever gets deleted, I want to keep it for posterity. You will see stories from real people: teachers, hospital workers,

My personal response is last.

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When was the moment you realised that some fuckery was going since the start of the pandemic?

Science only works when EVERYBODY believes in it!
For me it was right at the beginning when they counted every death as a covid death if the patient was tested positive for covid.
Edit: thank you guys for all the replies. It’s good to see that people early on were able to think critically about the whole situation. I almost lost my faith in hummanity.

There was a point in time when China claimed that people were dying in the streets, and that’s how bad the virus was. Then it started in the US, and we were all freaked out buying toilet paper and food, preparing for the worst.

A month or two later after Covid was rampant in the US, once we all knew it had a 99.97% survival rate, a near 100% survival rate for anyone under 40, and I still only know one person possibly killed from it (an 80 year old), but the country is still freaking out like it’s a zombie outbreak.

Anyway, about two months into it.

Mine was when I realized from a doctor video that they’re ignoring natural immunity, ignoring ivermectin, and this doctor said “Covid is treatable. We are treating it successfully and early treatment is key. Why are we sending people home and telling them nothing except come back if you go downhill.” It’s treatable!? What? It is? Holy shit. Hope. Science. Information that is useful. Why are we all basically being told we are pretty much waiting for this virus to mutate and kill us all. Why are we doing nothing. Why are they offering nothing but fear and doom 6 months into this. He’s right. This is all wrong.

It was the, should be required viewing, video of National Hero / Doctor Peter McCollough testifying to Congress.

Instead of highest praise, that video of him offering assistance and his expertise as the most published cardiologist in the DAMN USA was labeled misinformation by Google and YouTube.

Also, he’s been fired, sued, banned from the Texas college departments of medicine he basically built. He’s been vilified, threatened, censored, and attacked.

That’s all you need to know. End of story. Never mind the 10,000s, countless other doctors and medical professionals also in his camp. Yet morons cant see still. Laziness is definitely hazardous to your health. Sigh.


Mine started with Don’t wear masks. They don’t work/just kidding Everybody has to wear a mask. It only got worse from there. And I seemed to be the only person questioning anything. That really drove me crazy.

When they were claiming the hospitals were so overwhelmed that there were no beds in NYC, but the navy sent the hospital ship away, because it wasn’t being used
It was the constant hype of trudding out every politician, actress,world leader, repo man, hospital orderly etc and they all read out the same bullshit script.

Actually when YouTube banned Dr Dan Erickson and Dr Ashton Mahinis 1.5hr press conference and deleted his account, I was done with the narrative.


Once it was repeated to Dr Simone Gold, it was stick a fork in it time. And I bought her book.

By the time they got to Dr Robert Malone , I had tuned out ALL main stream or social media and was spending most of my time on alternative media (bitchute, gab, rumble, communities.win etc)

When one protest (anti-measures) was deemed a risk to public health and a probable superspreader event and therefore forbidden, while another (BLM) was considered public interest and therefore allowed.

Additionally, after doing everything right, when ‘just working from home for three weeks’ kept getting extended by three weeks every two weeks.

Lastly, when they went back on many of their promises and guarantees, mainly ‘there will be no difference in how vaxxed and unvaxxed are treated and it is completely voluntary’ until it is not.

At first I was 100% pro lockdown and pro mask, and I probably would have gotten the vaccine too, for example a neighbor of mine had anti mask signs and I remember thinking to myself “what a fucking leper” as I walked past outside alone wearing a mask. However around the time they were offering free KFC and krispy kreme I deleted my social media and stopped watching TV for health reasons so I was pretty much unaware of MSM mass brainwashing and I figured the vaccines were like the flu shot. Until a fellow unvaxxed friend informed me of how taboo it really was and how we were being vilified. My nurse relative with 30 years experience was fired, I learned about thalidomide and opioids, slowly my friends and family started opening up about their thoughts. Finally I downloaded Reddit for researching a hobby and I discovered NNN. Now I am still proudly unvaxxed

NNN Expellee

As soon as they started offering incentives to get vaccinated.

Protip government: don’t do this next time, it made it suspicious as fuck.


Well, there were many instances throughout the entire “pandemic” that I knew it was complete bullshit.

First, I had read about event 201 put on in partnership by John’s Hopkins and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. This was in, I want to say, October 2019? A roundtable of prominent governmental figures, agency leaders, medical “professionals”, academics, and Bill fucking Gates discussed the “possibility” of a random, SARS/MERS-like virus originating in South America and the immediate actions the world’s leadership should take in such an event. Huh, okay, seems harmless despite the fact that I wouldn’t trust Bill Gates to do much of anything actually beneficial nor in the best interest of anybody besides himself and his reputation. Fine, whatever.

I remember, distinctly, working in an office of about 90-100 people. Some weird flu-like virus hit us, team by team, at the end of October and through November. I somehow escaped it, probably because I was working from home part of the time, idk. But EVERYBODY that tested for influenza A and B came back negative. Regional doctors were perplexed, and it even made the news. Near the tail end of this whole event, I started to question the link between event 201 and this new virus that wasn’t the flu. Too early to be overly suspicious, but definitely questioned of there was a link.

Holidays come, and we start hearing about this new coronavirus in China. Huh.. those symptoms are EXACTLY like what went through our office and area of the US. No fatalities that I know of, no long-term issues, but consistent symptoms. Okay I’m really questioning what’s going on now, and see the links plain as day.

March hits, and this virus has just hit San Francisco (yeah right, with the amount of flights and business conducted between china and the US, there’s not a chance that this virus isn’t here already, ESPECIALLY with the amount of manufacturing facilities in the Wuhan area). The idea of shutting down the country to cull the virus from entering/spreading throughout the country hits mainstream airwaves. And every developed country was saying this lock-step. That’s when I knew it was bullshit. This is all unprecedented for handling a virus, and doesn’t even make logical sense.

This is about when I realized it was about more than the virus. Add in the fact that Trump is in office, has done extraordinarily well with the economy and foreign policy, and gained steam with his voting base, and it’s am election year? Something is fishy. Never let a crisis go to waste, as they say!

Also add that, even though we are to shut everything down, the very things necessary for health and well-being (you know, the stuff we need to fight viruses on an individual and communal level) are really the only things shut down. You can carry out fast food, sure! But you can’t go to the gym or the park OR THE BEACH. Wtf? Those are the safest and best places to be???

Everything needs to shut down, now. Small businesses, family owned restaurants, shops, service businesses, etc. all shut down. You know who isn’t shut down? Amazon, big box retailers, corporate businesses, and the like. Huh, that’s weird. So we can go to Lowe’s, but not our local hardware store? Strange.

All of this happened and I knew. 100% without a doubt this was a power grab and nothing else. Was the virus real? Of course it is. Was it what they say it was? Hell no. I knew it by this point, and I haven’t even mentioned nonsensical medical and societal practices like masking asymptomatic people, shutting down schools, not looking for nor experimenting for early treatments (which had been done for every wide-spread pandemic before this), canceling and denouncing any information against the narrative and any positive information about a treatment that wasn’t a new injection, doctors/hospitals getting literal financial kickbacks for every “confirmed” case of COVID, and additional kickback for deaths WITH COVID (my grandfather fought Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig disease for 8 years and passed away at his home with family around him in mid-2020. Cause of death on his death certificate? You guessed it. COVID-19.), MSM hit-pieces on doctors that even step outside their Lanes, the use of remdesivir which is known to be cause for kidney failure soon after implementation, hit piece on fucking Tylenol being beneficial for avoiding clots from COVID, Fauci all of a sudden becoming America’s darling in all of the mainstream media… Action figures, puff-piece documentaries and articles, etc., fact-checkers rampant on all media and social media, the most well thought out advertising campaign for an experimental “vaccine” (vax-a-million, free food, lottery tickets, Super Bowl tickets) whose manufacturers have ZERO liability if there are any adverse side-effects…

I could go on and on. It blows my mind that people don’t see through this after all that I listed just off the top of my head, let alone just two or three of my points above. How? How do people still support this tyranny? It makes me embarrassed to be a human being. TPTB are laughing at how easy it was/is to convince the masses to follow whatever they want them to, regardless of how illogical and ridiculous they are on the surface.

Scary stuff.

Dangerous and Selfish

When the exponential relationship between age and risk was established, but instead of educating the public and using it to inform policy, this fact was barely acknowledged and you were treated like a conspiracy theorist for bringing it up.

I mean we spent months educating the public about how scary exponential case growth is, and then didn’t bother teaching them about the other exponential curve that matters. And now here we are still fearmongering about children 2 years later.

If I can indulge with a second comment, another key moment for me was when we were under full lockdown (QLD, Australia), an hour outside a day, small businesses dying etc etc, and then it turns out one of the “essential” industries allowed to stay open was…. greyhound and horse racing. They were allowed to stay open the entire pandemic. Can’t go to the gym or visit my mum but gambling on the dogs is deemed absolutely critical. So yeah, obvious it wasn’t anything to do with health at that point.

when I heard that the fatality rate was between 0.1%-0.5% (around March or April 2020 or so).

it all sounded so hysterical to me. around me people got it as well as people I know abroad but nothing life threatening.

and since then I’ve seen almost every “kunspirazee feory” come true, 9 out of 10.

I was working in the hospital when it hit, and I was very concerned because all the predictions were that it would overwhelm the hospitals quickly, even with lockdowns. I was in favour of 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

Well, 2 months later we all realized the hospitals were empty/the survival rate was 99.8% and people who were dying had 3+ comorbidities.

That’s when I realized the panic and control weren’t based in reality.

I was immediately skeptical because they declared it had a 3% death rate, but also it was from the same family as SARS, but also it was definitely not from a lab, but also it has permanent damage as a common side effect, but also we don’t know anything about it.

Something that raised a lot of red flags for me were how the democrats started politicizing it before it even arrived here: “Trump trying to ban travel from China is racist; everyone go to Chinatown and hug Chinese people!” and 3 weeks later “Trump not doing anything is because he’s an evil tyrant!”

As a teacher, it was like a reading a story written by a middle schooler.

For me it was when they loudly proclaimed that natural immunity did not exist. If the human body could not mount a natural defence, nobody would ever recover pre-vaccine. If the human body could not mount a natural defence, nobody would reap any benefit from the vaccine post-vaccine becuase the vaccine would have nothing to stimulate.

They were brazenly lying to the point where some cursory logic could dismantle the narrative in 4 seconds flat.

I was just like any other social media zombie spending way too much time mindlessly browsing Instagram. I was 50/50 on getting the shot back in January 2020, but then I started seeing Instagram pages that were sharing adverse vaccine reactions, and I tried following a couple, but they were all getting shut down. covidvaccinereactions.com was the main one, they’re on their 12th Instagram account now. This kept happening, and I knew then and there that there was something fishy about this whole thing. These were real people sharing their experience, I remember one girl sharing the horrific experience of losing her mother days after the jab. None of these people were allowed to be seen or heard. Why? This is not right. Am I the only one seeing this? I started picking up on signs of a system in place to keep these things hidden from the average pleb, keep them in the matrix.

Later on there was a huge ad campaign to get everyone jabbed here in Sweden, couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The blatant censorship fresh in my mind as posters took up my field of view wherever I went, “GET THE JAB, GET THE JAB, GET THE JAB.” I decided I was never going to take that shit. I’d already had covid by then, meaning I had a mild fever for one night and just chilled at home for a couple of days. I can’t stress enough how good my natural immunity has been to me ever since. Not relying on the media helps as well, I’m not stressed out about anything, and I know I’m physically equipped to deal with whatever may come. Heck, I had my doubts but my body came through and then some. I take care of it better than I did before this, and that to me is the best thing to come out of this.

My family all rushed out to get the jab because apparently it was “the only way to end this pandemic”. I never intervened, I never said a word. I can’t say the same for them. It took them months to give up trying to convince me. By then I’d gotten to know a couple of really cool folks, exchanged several novel’s worth of dm’s with them, and I spent a solid hour or two every day over on NoNewNormal. Even with all that therapy I’m still worried I’ll lose loved ones to heart complications. That’s the only bit of stress I let into my system. Can’t help it.


When I saw a video posting on publicfreakout about several cops (from India I think) beating people for violating lockdown orders. I thought that was the most fucked up video I saw in awhile, but what I thought was way more fucked up were the comments of that video. Redditors were actually cheering them on and encouraging this kind of violent behavior. And ironically enough those same people were the ones that say BLM ACAB during the “mostly peaceful” riots of 2020.

that’s when I knew this whole thing was bullshit and NPCs will support anything aslong as the government and mega corporations tell them to.


Yes, very early on for me.

I was able to go into the NHS Statistics website and look at the raw data, and see that almost all of the deaths were either very old age bracket and/or had other serious pre-existing health complications.

Only a tiny number of casualties among those which were under age 65 and otherwise in reasonable health.

This was a big deal for me.

I did watch Boris’ first lockdown announcement (March 2020) but nothing more after that.

Everything has been ridiculously hyped and over exaggerated.

Politicians and their puppet masters are only but following a preordained PlanDemic script.


I think my moments of doubt started when the media/”experts” started telling everyone to wear masks (any kind of mask) even though viral particles can easily pass through the masks the vast majority of people had available at the time.

My next moment of doubt was the governments started locking down the economy. While quarantines have been done before in history, it was only for sick people, not for healthy people. Also, I figured if people were truly scared of a disease, they wouldn’t need to be mandated by the government to stay home and have minimal contact with other people in public.

The next moment of doubt was when people needed to take a test to see if they had covid or not. If a disease is so deadly and contagious, I think they shouldn’t need to take a test to be able to distinguish the most obvious symptoms (the typical people can recognize if someone was showing signs of having polio or smallpox for instance).

The last moment of doubt was with the vaccine. Traditionally, it takes years and years to develop and test a vaccine. Doctors and scientists normally are very careful to ensure the benefits of the vaccine greatly outweigh the risks. If a vaccine is only suitable for the highest risk groups (i.e. the elderly and sickly), the vaccine would only be recommended for those groups, not for everyone.


During the first lockdown, a friend had a car accident. Went into hospital because of knee ligament damage. Two weeks later his family was told he died of covid. I knew something wasn’t right, went down a rabbit hole and found out they put him on DNR and started injecting him with Midazolam.

I was confused at the time and wasn’t entirely sure of the whole thing but I definitely lost trust in the mainstream narrative and started doing my own research.

I also happen to have a strong background in Digital Marketing and know exactly how algorithms have been evolving to censor and filter online information so I kind of knew that simply “googling” doesn’t count as research so I had to question literally every bit of content I consumed


When some Provincial governments in Canada started vaccine lotteries in summer 2021. I couldn’t believe it at first but it was literally: get your first or second dose and be entered to win cash prizes. In Alberta they gave out 3 prizes of $1 million each.

And this was back when their approach was to give nice incentives to the population, before they moved on to coercive tactics.


There were so many things really

In the summer when we found out something like 6% of the deaths counted were actually rovid only

Two weeks in when in here in CA they implemented a curfew during protests

When tyrannical Newsom said everyone has to wear a mask and people immediately thought an EO was a law, we still have to correct them

When I watched plademic and connected the dots on Fauci (go watch Dallas Buyers Club if you haven’t) and re-watched it again recently two years later

the language they were using instilled so much fear

When Newsome started using this time to pass insane legislation

That hundreds can mourn a drug addict but can’t celebrate the lives of their dead loved ones

oh another, early on I was advised to call because at work I came into contact with a homeless man who seemed to have been hospitalized recently not sure if it was exposure, the kaiser operator said we may never know if he had it you may never get it unless you have symptoms go about your life we just have to keep washing our hands and wearing our masks

Those doctors in sac who debunked masking

Fauci’s emails in his own words on masking

Perspectives on the pandemic on youtube where a Nurse did undercover work due to uses of vents and catalogs on cvd patients

I could go on and on


In chronological order.

  1. Jan 2020.The cruise ship with Covid. Cruise-ships are full with old people.
    All passengers likely infected. Only a few died. And that is the worst case.

  2. Dec/Jan South-Korea did all the testing (using a SARS test) and tracking right from the start. Did not find a high level of deaths. Nothing to worry about.

  3. Jan. Old people in Italy were dying. But they were already dying. But somehow this was the basis to declare a health crisis. Media went full retard.

  4. Feb /March. Medicine that worked were quickly forbidden. And fake science popped up that made an often used 60 year old medicine seem dangerous. Could have been the end, but science went full retard.

  5. March/ April. A lot of people tested positive. Using large scale testing :A US military unit. And homeless in California. 50% have had it, but no one had experienced any problems. Even New York showed signs of herd-immunity.

  6. Gates… informing us of “the final solution”

  7. I almost forgot.. “protesting does not spread, if it is for a certain political cause” ..
    that made it 100% clear that this was only about politics

My realization story:

In the beginning, I was definitely cautious.
Stay home, flatten the curve.. but when there really wasn’t a curve to flatten and our rights got fewer and fewer..

Plus, I had read Stephen King’s Stand. It was nothing like that. Even Stephen King said himself, in the beginning, that this was not a pandemic like in his books.

I do wonder what made him change his tune. Wonder what he got paid or whatever.. What does he know that we do not…

Anyway, the don’t need a mask and then yes need a mask thing also was suspicious.

I never dreamt that the rest of the world would be so blind to what was going on. I never dreamt I would lose friends who got pissed that I didn’t fall for the rhetoric.

I gave an ultimatum that stated, if you would turn in your neighbor for not wearing a mask, you are no friend of mine.

And people left in droves.

These people WOULD turn in Anne Frank!!!
I cried. I was alone. I didn’t know anyone else who thought like me…

Slowly but surely, nearly a year later, I have found others. Not many but we are out there..


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