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Argggghhh!! April 23rd?!?!?!?!

Mar 5, 2007

No fair No fair No fair!!

Heroes isn’t on again until April 23rd!!!


Claire’s GRANDMA!?!??!

And how the hell could HRG not know that was not his wife?!?!? I mean married for HOW LONG!?!?

Poor PETER!!!

Hmm. interesting concept I read on the boards:

“Let’s propose this interesting concept…

“We two heads attached to the same coin in Peter Petrelli and Gabriel Gray. Both with unrivaled as of yet equals excluding themselves, one considered the ultimate hero and the other the most vile villian.

“But who are they really?

“Peter is a guy who was working in a hospice. He was charming and kind and had all the maneurisms of a model good guy. A smile on his face and concern in his eyes, he took to the plight of being a hero like second nature. We all believed in him because he represented to us all that better side of us as people. He is our perceived Hero.

“Then there is Gabriel. Here is a man who was working as a watchmaker. A lonely trade but he was gifted in understanding what made something tick. He had a gift that would not be championed in this day or any other but was nonetheless remarkable in it’s essence. He never got any recoqnition for this but he craved love and was alone. He wanted to be somebody.

“Now my theory.

“Gabriel is going to be the saviour and Peter the demon. Gabriel in the bible I believe was God’s Angel of death and the dragon represented Lucifer the fallen Angel. In the comic the guy with the glasses is definately Gabriel (I won’t call him by the name he chose to fool those who would not believe in him)and Uluru I believe is going to be Peter.

“Why… Because Peter has now fallen. Not only he believes he is probably the blame for Simones death he also has the weight of destroying New York on his shoulders. He was already on the run and he probably is going mad from having the ability and not the control or understanding. He has literally become a ticking timebomb and he is about to go nuclear and no one has the power to stop him.

“Now Gabriel only wanted to be special. When he was told he wasn’t by Chandra it tore into him deep. I mean how would you feel to know someone flew 10,000 miles just to tell you that you weren’t special. The first guy he took was someone who he thought he could fix. He told him that he was broken and then opened him up just like a watch and figuered how it worked and adjusted himself accordingly.

“Gabriel Gray (Neither light nor dark) will find someone who cares for him and he will in turn find a love worth protecting. He will understand what Peter represents to the world and turn himself towards the mighty dragon who has become all powerful and with the assistance of the other heros take Peter down once and for all giving his life in the process. “No one believed me, I am humanties last hope!” He will be the only one who can stop Peter by giving his life which he will do as pennace for his sins. Then he will become somebody.

“Now thats the real deal.”


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