• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Busy School days… Finished Beowulf!

School is keeping me really busy. We just finished Beowulf and a couple other stories from that time period, and on Tuesday my students will be taking their first test. It will be a completely essay test, but they are allowed to bring an outline. I do not know if they are stressing about it or not. I guess we will see how they do on Tuesday.

Yesterday, we went to a Pagan Store. It was small, but had great books! I bought two books, the 2002 Llewellyn almanac thingy, and some herbs. I was happy! I had never bought herbs before. Honestly, I had never found a place that HAD herbs before. :)

I spoke at length with a young lady who is also pagan. We talked about books, and she told me about her dream garden. I told her that she would be welcome to grow her garden at my home if she would take care of it and share some of what it harvested. :) I am pretty excited about that.

I found a local group that has full moon gatherings and classes. I would like to be able to go, but with my schedule, I am not certain I will be able to very often. I will do what I can. I guess the classes even have homework! That sounds like so much fun! I wonder how understanding my husband would be if I started doing this once a month. We have a friend who has “girl’s night” once a week. I believe that if I asked for once or twice a month, he should not be really upset. I guess time will tell!

For this month’s paganspeak collab, I want to write about Harry Potter. The book is checked out of the library right now, but fortunately, I am a fast reader! I just hope it gets returned sometime this month.

Blessed Be!


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