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Can Biden win against Trump?

Mar 11, 2020

I stole this from Facebook. No idea who the original author is.
(I am not impressed with Biden either)

Young voters hate Joe Biden.

This reality transcends every other demographic. Black. White. Latino. AAPI. Native American. LGBTQ. You name it. It’s across the board: young voters *hate* Joe Biden.

Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi have been called for Biden. I know it sounds very doom and gloom, saying this now…but it’s the math. The delegate math doesn’t add up for Bernie Sanders anymore, even when factoring in uncounted ballots in multiple states. Joe Biden will likely be the nominee, almost entirely on the backs of boomers.

Now, many boomers supported Bernie, and they are heroes. I’m proud to call them my comrades. But the results don’t lie: it was age 55 and up as a demo that nominated Joe Biden.

Now that you all have chosen him, it is your job to convince the 90-something percent of young voters that didn’t vote for Joe Biden to turn out in the general. Because as things stand, they will not, and Trump will crush Joe Biden because of it.

This is not a threat: this is what Biden voters have signed up for. They chose a candidate that young voters have no interest in. And I’m going to be frank, threatening these voters with Trump is a waste of your time, so save your breath.

This is a demographic that is critical to any Democrat winning the Presidency, and given the rigged system that they are living in, threatening them with four more years of Trump isn’t going to get them to turn out.

You’re going to have to go to these voters and try and convince them that voting for Joe Biden will relieve them of the indentured servitude that is student loan debt. You’re going to have to convince voters that can’t afford healthcare to vote for a candidate with a wholly inadequate plan that leaves many of them behind. You’re going to have to convince them that they have a future at all under Joe Biden’s F-rated climate plan. You’re going to have to justify why they should support a candidate that has offered them virtually nothing except a return to the exact same system that was screwing them over before Donald Trump.

I need you all to understand that this is a massive uphill battle, getting these people to vote. You had your chance to pick someone who could turn out a whole new base of voters. You did not take it. Now, you’ll reap the consequences of missing that chance. Again, this is not a threat: this is reality.

It’s also important to note that this political system has NEVER worked for young voters. They’ve known nothing but war, austerity, and broken promises. Is it any wonder they’re jaded and don’t participate to nearly the same extent?

Throughout this entire process, Bernie supporters have been condescendingly lectured to by other candidates’ supporters about how we don’t understand coalition-building, even as we worked around the clock to reach voters that never hear from candidates, and build a new coalition, one fit for the new Democratic electorate.

Well, now you all get your turn to try and come to a group of voters that you have actively dismissed throughout this entire process, and convince them to join your coalition.

Good luck!


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