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Volunteering for ending the two party system

Jan 19, 2022

I submitted my application to help this group. When i filled out the volunteer form, it asked my story and why/how I wanted to help
Here is what I shared:

A few years ago I started questioning why I was a democrat. I was appalled in 2018 the way the dems handled themselves. I had honestly thought we were better than that, that we weren’t haters and liars.
Then I saw what was happening, with Trump, with the media, with everything, and I was blindsided.
In 2020 I signed up and helped with the Jo Jorgensen campaign. I handled the social media for the state of Minnesota.
I would like to do something similar for End the Two Party System, but I want it to be more than “bashing democrats and republicans”. I want to be above them. I want to help this organization be real without the bashing, without the dark humor. I love this concept and I would love to be part of this. I hope you have room for me.


Our elected representatives are supposed to be there to serve us and work for our best interests. Instead, so often they seem to serve the interests of the wealthy and powerful and we suffer the consequences. We may try to effect change, but even when we do, we just get new bought and paid for tools of the rich and powerful.

ETTPS is a political action group that recognizes that

The system is the problem!

  • a system of legal bribery of politicians,
  • a system that in effect forces us to choose between two bought and paid for tools of the rich and powerful
  • a system with so many other problems (like gerrymandering)

Whether your political views are left, right or center, we all want an honest government that works for us.

ETTPS welcomes people of all political views.

Our common enemy is a corrupt and broken system that is crushing all of us so that a few can profit.

We can disagree on everything else, but we can all agree that we need an honest government that works for us. We need to work together to make that happen.

Here on our website we discuss the specific problems, we offer specific solutions, and we offer you ways to take action and help us achieve our goals.

Initiatives we support include:

  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Open Presidential Debates
  • Campaign Finance Reform

Working together





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