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Christmas 2020 The year that wasn’t but.. still was..

Dec 29, 2020 #Faehaven, #home, #son, #thorik

Christmas 2020 The year that wasn’t but.. still was..

2020 started normally, New Year, new dreams, new hopes and still happy to be living at our home, FaeHaven on the Rum.

Work was good. They had paid for various levels of training, new software and some that Kris has had years of experience coding (which is what got her this job at Collegis Education).

Kris earned her Sitecore 9 Certification on March 17th. Yup! St. Patrick’s Day.

John continued following his dream and work on projects and art. In particular, he’s spent a lot of time doing photography. Kris has been very thrilled with his woodworking projects. He made a place to sit in the foyer to put on shoes and hang coats plus he made a very beautiful desk. It’s made from wood and is glossed and shiny. He also built platforms for the monitor and keyboard and mouse so Kris can work while standing. He also made a desk for himself, which he has in his computer area in his garage, which has been named a Cavern of Creativity (CoC pronounced “See Ohh See”) Here he is sitting at the desk he built in the CoC.

Then, because Kris was worried about the stray kitties that are hanging around FaeHaven, he built a Kitty Condo.

Here is a photo of Tinker (the white kitty) and Dorian (the gray kitten) checking out their winter home.

In addition to those two, we have Umbric, who is a sibling to Tinker, and Braveheart and Spook, siblings to Dorian.

The kittens’ momma was Snowball, who was also a sibling to Tinker and Umbric, but from a different litter. Snowball’s mom was Peek A Boo and she had one blue eye and one gold. Daddy was Shadow, a big old pure black tom with a cleft ear. Snowball was born last winter and was named because she chased and played with snowballs all winter long.

In September, the kids came for a visit. It was so wonderful to see Kevin and Heidy, Noah and Liz. It was a fantastic weekend. Honestly, it was the best weekend of 2020!! On Saturday, they explored FaeHaven and on Sunday we traveled to Duluth and saw Lake Superior and then explored a trail that led to the ruins of an old lighthouse Here we are in front of the Zero Point Lighthouse.

In October, Kris and John went to visit Kris’ mom and brother in Stillwater. The afternoon was cold, but we spent time exploring the area, checking out the Stillwater Overlook and the Stillwater Stairs. The photo of the four of us is at the Stillwater Overlook.

Random fall at FaeHaven photo:


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