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Coyotes poem…

Oct 20, 2007

Is this world truly fallen? They say no.
For there’s the new moon, there’s the Milky Way,
There’s the rattler with a wren’s egg in its mouth,
And there’s the panting rabbit they will eat.
They sing their wild hymn on the dark slope,
Reading the stars like notes of hilarious music.
Is this a fallen world? How could it be?

And yet we’re crying over the stars again,
And over the uncertainty of death,
Which we suspect will divide us all forever.
I’m tired of those who broadcast their certainties,
Constantly on their cell phones to their redeemer.
Is this a fallen world? For them it is.
But there’s that starlit burst of animal laughter.

The day has sent its fires scattering.
The night has risen from its burning bed.
Our tears are proof that love is meant for life
And for the living. And this chorus of praise,
Which the pet dogs of the neighborhood are answering
Nostalgically, invites our answer, too.
Is this a fallen world? How could it be?

~ Mark Jarman ~

(The Atlantic, May 2003)

Web version: www.panhala.net/Archive/Coyotes.html


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2 thoughts on “Coyotes poem…”
  1. Thank you, Em. Again you post something that must be comment on. I’ve been absent from the net for a month, I’m happy to see you posting such relevant posts. The world is dieing unless we wake up and know we are the People. As Ghandi taught us, ‘become the change you want to see’. The old ways of dieing Empire are fighting there own self-determined extiction… when you think in three month long decisions, extinction and marginilization is the ultimate result.

    We are what is real. Not the images on Mass Media or the Washingtom Beltway mode of thinking… we will survive and thrive because we are what is Real. We just need to wake up to our own Humanity and reality.

    You teach us so much more than you realize and we are grateful. Thank you!

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