• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023


Mar 11, 2007

Last weekend was the lunar eclipse. It was a very powerful time. I had decided to devote the energies to cleansing and protection, since there is so many volatile forces in my life right now.

I got out my cauldron and my sage and lit it in the kitchen… and my son noticed what I was doing. :) He promptly went and got my cleansing feather with the bells and together we cleansed the house of negativity and requested protection from all negative energies. He followed me through out the house. He didn’t join the chant, but he was right there, ringing the bells and waving the feather. It was powerful and wonderful.

A little background… he has asked about magick a few times. He has asked about my alter, but he has never actively participated. We have created magickal places for fairies and made little things, but this is the first time his young beautiful energies added to a ritual that was for both of us. He knew that “monsters” and such didn’t like bells and sounds. I cannot remember if he had noticed me using the bells before, but he had seen me use the Japanese ringers I have (I don’t know what they are technically called, but they are on one string with two metal plates with Japenese decorations on them). So, out of the blue, he added two plus two and together we cleansed and protected our home while the goddess was quickly going through all her phases.. a very powerful moment. I think he felt it too.

Afterwards, he wanted to do “more magick” and I asked him if he would like to have an alter of his very own. Together we created an alter on a shelf in his bedroom. He had already many things for his alter: a snake made of stone, which had called to him and we had purchased; a wand made by a dear friend with magickal and protective qualities; a powerful stick made by his father, who had give it to his mother and she had requested it passed on to our son; a book of magick (a kids book, but, hey! it works!); a crystal I had discovered mining in the Arkansas Crystal Mines and was already using for his protection; and ultimately, we placed his monster protection herbs into a glass bottle and placed it upon his alter.

Finally, we took some of his “floam” (you’ve seen the commercials.. don’t waste your money) and after cutting out a star, covered the star with green floam (his choice). Next we put it on a paper plate and surrounded it with blue floam (again, his choice). We set it on his alter and let it dry.

He now has a nice little alter of his very own. It makes him feel good (and the monsters don’t like it). He knows about magick.

He knows that it isn’t like the movies (although he really wishes it was). He’s still young, but it’s a start. He knows I don’t believe in the same God my parents do, but I have not (and will not) tell him that belief is wrong. When he shows interest, I will teach him, but the final decision of his beliefs will be his own. I will not take that away from him. But while he is young and while he is interested, I will make certain he knows he has choices but that the final decision is his. What he decides to believe is personal and only he can know what is right for him.


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