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Four year anniversary and a silly cat

Oct 21, 1999 #anniversary, #bird, #cats, #love, #spawn

Today is my husband and my official anniversary. We’ve been married for 4 years!

He remembered! The first thing he said when we got up this morning was “Happy Anniversary, love.” I could only have a good day after starting it of like this, right?


Well, it is only 8:30 in the morning, and it has already been an interesting day. My husband went to work, as he always does, and I got up to check my email.

I live on the third floor apartment and since my cats can’t really go outside, I leave the balcony door open so they can sit and watch everything that kitties like to watch. This balcony is fairly small, six feet by five feet or so. Just enough room for a couple of chairs and a small table.

As I was sitting in front of the computer, this morning, my black cat, Spawn, came rushing in from the balcony and charged back into the bedroom. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a couple of feathers floating to the ground behind his path… yes. Feathers.

Somehow, in that small area, “that old cat” was able to catch a bird.

Well, I went back to the bedroom, and I found the bird had escaped the claws of Spawn and was sitting behind my stereo. Trembling and shaking.

I grabbed Spawn and locked him out of the bedroom. Now, I had to deal with this tiny bird. After talking softly and moving slowly, I was able to get close to the bird. Not knowing I meant him no harm, he flew up and tried to land on the light, but was unable, so promptly flew into the mirror, (ouch) then landed on my dresser.

Well, after still calmly and slowly walking about trying to catch the poor thing, he finally landed in one of my husband’s boots. I was able to cup him in my hands and carried him to the balcony, moving a disappointed Spawn out of the area. I shut the door behind me and gently lay the bird on the floor of the balcony. (If he was hurt, I didn’t want him falling off a railing.)

Not even a second later, the beautiful creature had taken to the air, and was gone behind the nearest tree.
Safe and free.

What an interesting way to celebrate a four year anniversary.


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