• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Wanting to learn more

I am ever so curious about other eclectic Wiccan’s beliefs and practices. Where I live right now, there are no people to actually talk to, so I rely on the internet and email to learn as much as I can.

I like to search out people’s pages, and if anyone signs my guestbook, I will return the favor by visiting their pages and signing theirs. This way I can find more pages to read!! ;)

The bookstore in my area has stopped carrying all “New Age” style books. I tried to ask about it, but actually was confronted by a rude clerk. (Sadly enough, the bookstore has also stopped carrying fantasy type sci-fi novels.) Must be new “ownership” or something. I would order offline, but I avoid credit cards like the plague!! So, all I have left is the internet.

I’ve found some great pages out in net land. Some people have gone to a lot of trouble to get good information out to the public. I have enjoyed my travels thus far, and hope to make many more visits, and meet many more people.

I wrote my second poem. It’s called Just a Sliver Please tell me what you think.

Blessed Be.


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