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Getting better

Feb 28, 2004 #fenris, #gaming, #school

Has it really been a month already??
Hmmm.. Shame on me.

This month has been pretty good. It was the final 4 weeks of classes in Database Administration and Systems Analysis and Design — I took my final exams earlier this week. I Think I did okay. I’ll get back to ya on that. Both those classes kept me busy…

Valentine’s Day. I had the most magnificent valentine’s weekend of my entire life. My boyfriend and I stayed in bed until late, watched movies, went to see Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King and cuddled and made love. It was wonderful. *sigh* :)
I didn’t stop smiling for the week after that.. *grin*

The issues with the female seem to be resolving themselves. She is making ultimatums (talk to me or else) and my boyfriend doesn’t like ultimatums. Doesn’t look good for her right now. :) But then, I knew she would fuck up. Ya see, she didn’t plan well, she didn’t know me, she didn’t try to know me and if she wanted to get me out of his life, she went about it the wrong way.
If the roles were reversed, I would have succeeded OR befriended her. That’s where she fucked up. She never gave me a chance, and that will haunt her forever. I gave her too many chances and it won’t haunt me, because I knew I did my best. :)

I have made a new friend online. He keeps a blog too!
He introduced me to this cool way of showing which American States I have visited.

Blessed Be!!!


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