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Good bye HPF — We’ll always have our memories

Apr 29, 2023

Letter from Heartland Spiritual Alliance today

Hello All!
HSA has gone through many changes as an Organization. I am reaching out to announce a big one.
After some really difficult conversations between the Directors and Officers, and despite our best efforts…it is with deep sadness that I must tell you that this will be the last HPF.
The whys…
Attendance – our attendee numbers have been on the decline for many years. Anyone remember when there were over 1,000 attendees?
Finances – between the decline in attendance and taking time off for COVID, we are simply struggling.
Staff – As with attendees, we are (and have been) seeing dwindling numbers in our volunteerism. Most of our staff have been performing 2 or more roles for some time now.
Community Service – It would seem that the community no longer wants/needs a major campout weekend.
HSA will remain. HPF is coming to an end.
Big things could be on the horizon! We invite you to attend our June 11th Membership meeting to help us brainstorm how to serve you, the community in a new and better way.
The family that is HPF is irreplaceable and will live on!
Growth is difficult. Letting go even more so. However, as with the Phoenix, out of the ashes the next great adventure is born.
Please join us one last time to say our goodbyes and thank yous to HPF.
Simone Beason – President
Heartland Spiritual Alliance


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