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Jar Kar(ma)

May 21, 2023 #karma, #protection, #spell

Jar spells also known as witch bottles are something that, in early times, was designed as a way to protect oneself. It is technically a physical representation of a spell. They are super versatile and easy to make. You’re basically just putting things into a jar that align with your spell or intention.

Here’s how to design and cast a jar spell.
Casting your Jar Karma Spell in 7 Steps

  1. Define Your Intent
  2. Select a Container
  3. Choose Your Jar’s Contents
  4. Fill Your Jar
  5. Seal Your Jar
  6. Meditate on Your Intent
  7. Finish Your Spell

Step 1: Define Your Intent
The first and most logical step in a jar spell is to define your intent. Your intent is what everything in your spell will revolve around. Be precise. You must have a specific intention.

Once your intent is determined, you can begin to design your jar spell—namely, what kind of things you need to put into it to achieve your goal.

Step 2: Choose a Container for Your Jar Spell
Basically, any kind of container can be used for a spell. I prefer mason jars. I always seem to have them around plus lids that are “almost but not quite clean enough for re-use”. Small pickle jars, etc. are also great options.

Paint Your Jar (Optional)
Some people paint their jar in a color that corresponds with intent or with symbols and images.

Step 3: Choose Your Jar Spell Contents
The contents of the jar is the most important aspect. While there is no limit to what you can choose to include, it’s important to select things that will help you work toward your ultimate goal.

A Personal Item
A photograph (plus any personal item small enough to fit into your jar). I also write the name of the person on a piece of paper for clarity. Full name if you know it. Between the photograph and the name, the universe won’t get the wrong person.

Written Intent or Prayer – You can add this if you wish. I do not. I speak my intent as I’m putting together the jar itself.

You don’t really need a lot, if any. Decide on a liquid depending on your intent.

  • Vinegar
  • Tinctures, infusions, oils, etc. can be used. (preferably non-flammable)
  • Urine (I have never used pee)

Like with liquids, there are different types of solids that you can choose from based on your intent. You can be pretty creative with this! Here are a few examples.

  • A vine to wrap around the photograph / name to bind the person.
  • To break a curse or to inflict reflective suffering (reflecting back on the person who is causing others suffering), jar spells can include items like rusty nails and glass shards.
  • Ashes from your magical fire pit — this represents change as well as adding a bit of additional protection.

Two additional items that are both magically powerful and easy to come by are rocks and herbs. You can find a variety of them anywhere, and they are able to carry the energy that you’ll want to put into your spell.

Trust your instincts. If it feels appropriate, use it!

Step 4: Fill Your Jar
After having grounded and centered yourself, pick up one item at a time and charge it. Charging empowers the item with your personal intent while stirring and stimulating the item’s own natural energy that you’re trying to tap into.

As you add items to your jar, chant to raise power. For example, while filling your jar, you might say something such as, “By the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water; By the Power of the sun, moon and stars; I invoke protection and karmic recognition for the suffering caused by this person”

Chanting is a great way to raise energy. You can find a chant in a book or online, or you can make up your own. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare to be effective. Something simple works just fine, like:
Karma Karma Karma, take note, what this person is doing to others is harmful and must be stopped.

As long as it suits the occasion and is meaningful to you, it’ll work.

Rhythm and rhyming can help you memorize it quickly before you start, and then you can really get into it like a mantra when you’re casting. By letting it spill from your lips effortlessly, it bypasses that conscious part of your brain and taps into your source of power—that part of the mind that sends the energy toward your goal.

Step 5: Seal Your Jar
When you’re finished filling your jar, you can seal it right away. I use candle wax to seal the edges.

Step 6: Meditate on Your Intent
Meditate on having acquired your goal. Don’t envision yourself wanting your goal, or you leave yourself in a perpetual state of wanting; envision yourself having your goal. What will life be like, how will you feel, when it is done? How safe will you feel once this person can no longer harm you or people who are important to you.

Hold onto your visualization. Maybe write it down and revisit it occasionally.

Step 7: Final Step
Burying your Jar Kar is ultimately the best option.

If you are seeking permanent protection or to break or repel a curse, it will stand sentry on your property and protect you (or on the property of the person for whom you cast the jar spell). If you don’t have land of your own, you can bury it in a flowerpot of soil left by your doorstep.

If you are trying to rid yourself of something (or rid the person you’re casting for of something), like a disease or bad habit.

Hide the jar if . . .
You want to bury it, but burying it is not an option. If this is the case, just hide it deep in the home somewhere—inside a wall, in the junk closet, or wherever it won’t be disturbed.

Alternatively, if you have a shrine to your God/dess and sought their aid, you can keep it there, shaking it occasionally while chanting to keep the power going.

Do Not Burn Your Spell Jar
One thing you should never do is throw it into a fire. Not only is it dangerous, but to me that would pollute and poison your magical firepit. Burying is your best option. Or keep it around and charge it until the task is done and then bury it.

Honestly, I keep mine around and shake it once in a while to remind the universe that the intent of the spell is still active and something still needs to be done until such moment that the danger is gone.

I hope your Jar Kar brings you peace and safety.
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