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okay. NOW I’m pissed…

Dec 7, 2007 #adhd, #bribe, #custody, #debt, #ex, #parents

First is the email I sent to my ex and his new wife…
Second is the email I received from my parents.
I have not responded to my parents’ email because I am TOO FUCKING PISSED!!!

Want some insight into my parents? Hell, *I* don’t want this insight.
Figured you had a right to know what’s on their mind cuz parts of it involves you (and Mel)

I asked for their help for a 20,000 consolidation loan from Ellsworth bank, if they needed to co-sign, yeah.. I guess they might cuz of my debt to income ratio.
This is their response. (Following my ranting and raving email)
Just so you know, I am NOT agreeing to any of it.
I had no problem with the Baptism, until now.

The other is bullshit and I will NOT play their game.
Seriously considering disowning them.
Maybe won’t even go home for Christmas, I dunno.
All I know is that I’m so pissed I’m shaking…

I haven’t asked anything of them in a long time. Yeah.. they helped me get my first car, with a bit of a deposit, but I don’t even HAVE that car any more. Yeah, I shoulda paid them back.. blah blah blah.

This consolidation loan shouldn’t have been a problem. None. They just wanted to make their stipulations. Did they think I was THAT desparate?
Fuck ’em

Just to be clear.
I do NOT believe our son has ADHD bad enough to warrent doctors, etc.

He’s been doing really good.
I am NOT asking for Residential Custody (weird how this came up twice in one week, ask Mel what Tracy’s been saying.. *sigh*)

You and Mel and I are gonna share “parenting” of my son.
I have NO problem with that. I think it’ll be good for him!!!

When are we all moving to Arizona? *grin*

*hugs* and love,


I wish they’d quit spending my inheritance on Mom’s hypochondriac medical bills!!!!!!!!!
I need a cig.


From: ronmar60
Subject: Recent e-mails
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 19:28:03 -0600


This is in response to your request to co-sign a note at CSB. It has become too costly to take out loans.

We have thought long and hard about an alternate solution. You have mentioned about how this would be beneficial to both you and your son.

If certain conditions are met, we are willing to gladly pay off your debts. We would pay the debts directly, — there will be no obligation on your part to pay us back.

We feel these problems need to be addressed:

1. Need for your son to be tested for ADHD, anxiety, etc. Some follow-up action must be taken–NOTE-WE ARE NOT SAYING DRUGS-there are alternative methods. Also, we want access/authorization to all information about his testing, condition, etc. After the initial visit, we can take him to appointments, if needed, we think.

2. Need for your son to be baptized in the Catholic Church.

3. Counseling for your son if recommended-and counseling for you. We do not want ANY access to your counseling sessions.

4. Need for your son to be in your residential custody.

Give this much prayerful thought. It can be beneficial to both you and your son. It will also be helpful to your ex and his new wife, as it would wipe out their debt to you.

Time is of the essence, due to high interest rates. If you agree to these terms, we can work out specific payment plans-a few debts at a time. We do not expect all conditions to be met at once. A suggested deadline is March 1, 2008.


Mom & Dad


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