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Okay. So. I am apparantly “into” horoscopes lately….

Jun 22, 2006 , ,

but then, they are SOOO funny sometimes!!! :)

You can be quite clever and very charming, sometimes even a flirt. And now that Venus is in your sign, the social factor is turned up another notch. Although you must pay attention to the rules of the engagement, this can be time of great fun and games. You won’t, however, get away free. You still must face the intense emotional processing that goes along with the dance, unless, however, you use that ancient spiritual technique of denial.


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4 thoughts on “Okay. So. I am apparantly “into” horoscopes lately….”
  1. So then the question becomes…. are you employing that ancient spiritual technique?

  2. Oh yeah…
    Well, SEE! I’m so far into denial that I won’t even read that I could possibly BE in denial!!! :)


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