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RIP Elisabeth Sladen – You taught me that women CAN be strong

Apr 20, 2011

Sarah Jane Smith.

Because of you, I became a Journalist. It didn’t work out as well for me as it did for you, as the Doctor never came to take me away. I dreamed, though and I dreamed big.

Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Smith on the Planet of Evil

You were a strength in a time when women were not, or were on the edge of stepping up to do everything a man could do. I was told I could not be a Chemist and it was suggested I try Journalism. I agreed solely because of your adventures. I was certain, as a young teen, that I could find stories and have adventures and meet exciting people and get OUT of Kansas.


Well, I got out of Kansas. I did travel to London, but during the time when Doctor Who was on hiatus. 1990. I never got to see a set, a TARDIS or meet anyone. But I definitely tried and I kept my eyes open. I looked, in particular for you, Elisabeth. I wanted to thank you! I spent 3 years in Germany, but by that time I knew I wasn’t going to be a Journalist. I taught Journalism instead. The journalism field was just too competitive.

Now I know I could have nay SHOULD have become a Chemist. Instead, after a 10 year stint at attempted teaching, I write programs and develop web sites. I enjoy it, and as long as I do, I’m fine. I’m 42 this year. You were barely 63, but even at 42 I have a full lifetime or two ahead of me. If I get bored with my job, I will go back to school. The first time, meteorology. I want to chase tornadoes!! :) Then, when I get tired of chasing tornadoes (what?!??! ) I will finally return to school and become that Chemist that I first dreamed about.

All my dreams which could have been shot down when I was a teen being told “Girl’s can’t be chemists” … You kept my dreams alive. Your character AND your self. Both of whom were strong women who never listened when they were told NO, you CANNOT, or Girls Don’t Do That.

Thank you for all you’ve done, Lis, more than you may ever know.
Or then again, maybe now you really DO know how many lives you have touched.

I hope to meet you in the next life or sometime and thank your soul for the inspiration and for touching my life.
*hugs* and love

My friend, Jenn, sent this to me on FB tonight.
Must share.
It’s beautiful and perfect



I shall take my daughter out tonight
The Moon’s past full but the sky’s still bright
And we’ll say: Goodnight, Sarah-Jane…
And I’ll talk about the women we’ve been
I was an awkward girl, you were a star on-screen
For me… Goodnight, Sarah-Jane.

And you wouldn’t stay quiet and hold your tongue
Nor stay where you were put
No token girl to be talked down to
Hanging round underfoot
And against all odds you came back, carrying
A series of your own
You inspired me when I was my daughter’s age…
And again, as a woman grown

I shall hope that time’s a gentle place
For a well-loved woman of charm and grace –
That’s you. Goodnight Sarah-Jane…
You were smart and strong and you made us proud
And I’m crying now, but I’ll say it aloud
Anyway – Goodnight Sarah-Jane…
Goodnight Sarah-Jane…

With a blue box missing a few spare parts
We’re carrying you, in all of our hearts now
Rest well. … …

So I shall take my daughter out tonight
Tell her of Cady Coleman’s flight
And you – and say, Goodnight Sarah-Jane –

We’ll both say: Goodnight Sarah-Jane

Goodnight, Sarah-Jane…
released 20 April 2011
Words & music by & © Talis Kimberley 20th April 2011


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