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Shoo Fly Insect Repellent

Jun 5, 2006

hmmm.. must give this a try.. *grin*

10 drops Geranium
5 drops Cypress
10 drops Cedarwood
5 drops Eucalyptus
1/4 cup distilled water (increase amount proportionally for larger

Mix oils in distilled water and shake well. May be used in a sprayer
and applied to hair, skin or clothing. Excellent for people and pets.
This is for external use only. Do not ingest or get into eyes.
Discontinue use if skin irritation or other adverse condition
develops. Consult a health care practitioner before using these
products if pregnant

Borrowed from:The Art of Creating your own Home Spa

Brought to you by AromaThyme.com – http://www.aromathyme.com

And while I’m at it.. must consider this….

Greetings on the 5th day of June with the theme of Joy. 
This is a Releasing/Cleansing Affirmation in the first week of the
month.  Make this a winning day!

I cut negative bonds of attachment to despair, depression,
and desperation.  I untie the knots and the nots.
Attachments come in all shapes and sizes.  Some talk to us;
others are silent.  Some are joyful (like happy marriages);
some are painful (like unhappy divorces).  “Cannots” and
restraints and doubts often look like knots in the energy
field.  These knots can be untied.  Negative bonds can be
cut.  Working with imagery in the energy field is powerful,
and usually more effective than pondering the thing to which
we are attached and the circumstances of the attachments. 
We also untie the bonds to depressing history.

This affirmation is particularly appropriate for using the
power of imagery or visualization.  Ask yourself, “What
attachment limits my experience of joy?”  Close your eyes (to
minimize distraction of physical input) and ask for an image
from your inner guidance.  This image can come to you in any
number of ways: through your vision or hearing or sensations
in your physical body or intuition.  If you receive
information about knots and ties, work with THEM — untie the
knots, cut the ties.  This will be MUCH more empowering than
trying to tackle the THING to which you have appeared to be
negatively attached (you probably already know this is true,
because you have been working on this for years!)  Finish it! 
It is time to step into joy.

Copyright Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant


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