• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Working from home…

Jun 7, 2006

Oh, the insanity of this job!! Sheesh..

It’s going to drive me insane…

I called and said my son was sick today.  He was fussy and whiney yesterday… and he did feel quite warm during the night, so, we are both taking a sanity day.. :)

The stress and expectations of this job is destroying me, though. I “acquired” a project that they had had since October. I started it in March. And now they want it done. Yesterday.

I had to learn a whole new program to do this project… starting from scratch, and they kept their original deadlines and expected me to meet them!!! And they dribbled the business rules to me a little bit at a time, so I always had to go back and change something that I should have known about from the beginning…


I contacted my boss and was supposed to work at home, but then he got another programmer to work on the project (finally!!!) and didn’t want us to overwrite each other’s work. So.. I’m still waiting to hear back from  him. *sigh*

Oh well…

Maybe the other programmer will get everything done and I can just start a normal project next!! (or they’ll fire me…. )
Either way, I’m ready to be done with this damn thing…


Is it Friday yet?!?!??


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