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Some people just shouldn’t be mothers….

Oct 18, 2008

Aphrodite who is Corkyy bio mom managed to piss me off. Corkyy is Thorik’s step daughter, but he is the only real father that she has known. She already calls me her step mom. :) And got me a beautiful mother’s day card this year.

Anyway, Corkyy’s back has been so messed up she was in the hosp for a while, I asked her mother a couple weeks back if we should get Corkyy a bed. Never heard much and then FINALLY earlier this week, it came up that Corkyy still didn’t have a bed. (She had been sleeping on a air mattress!) So, I struggled and pulled and played with the finances (when I first asked, I had a bit of money but had since then spent most of it… *sigh*) and found enough money for a bed frame and semi-expensive mattress that would be good for Corkyy’s back. Once we had the total (245 + 59 for frame), late Thursday, I wrote a check to Thorik to cash and wire the money to Aphrodite. Yesterday. Early afternoon. (After Aphrodite had spent half the morning bugging me about it). She didn’t get the money last night and about 3pm today, I texted Corkyy to see if she had received the bed yet. No. So I texted Aphrodite to see when it would happen and heard back that there has been some sort of emergency (somebody BETTER be dead or dying) and we needed to rewire the money in Corkyy’s name (who does’t have a way to get the bed home, as if she could carry the damn thing)
So, I’m pissed. Aphrodite failed as a mother as usual and Corkyy is too far away from us to truly be able to help her. Honestly, it just pisses me off. *grrr*


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