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Spoonbending! I started this course yesterday!

Nov 29, 2007

Dispelling Illusions
Spoonbending For Peace

Since Uri Geller first attained international prominence in the 1970’s, millions of people have been fascinated by the idea of bending metal with their minds. There are dozens of other ways to apply this energy, but bending metal supplies the necessary drama that will help us move to the next level. In other words, if you are able to do this then you will be extremely excited, and this excitement will serve you well as you apply this energy to demonstrations that are much more important. When you have successfully bent a spoon with your mind, you will realize that you are not bound by the common laws of the physical universe you have followed until now. You will realize that everything is a choice. You have chosen to follow these laws, and you can choose to transcend them. This is what the world often calls a Miracle Worker.

You have been asked to believe certain laws that make up your experience of the world. These laws define a box that you are asked to exist within. The walls of the box limit and define who you are or what you can become. “You” are what lives inside the box, while “You Are Not” what lives outside. Thus was the ego born, the concept of separation, and the whole thought system you have used to live and exist in the world.

The object of the Spoonbenders Course by James Twyman is to break down the walls of that box so you can realize a larger concept of who you are. The ultimate goal is not to learn how to bend metal with your mind, but to learn certain tools that will help you bend the whole world toward peace, including your life. Most people believe that neither of these things are possible. It is impossible to apply the energy of one’s mind to act upon the physical world in such a manner, they say. Likewise, creating a world of peace in the midst of so much conflict and chaos is also impossible. But what if these two things are related, and dispelling one illusion automatically releases the other?

This is an excerpt from the Spoonbenders Course by James Twyman.

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An excerpt from the 1st week:

The goal isn’t to bend a spoon with your mind, but with the energy of your heart directed by your mind. It is this combination we are seeking. It is an ancient process that uses the Divine Flow of energy to create harmony. Unfortunately most of the texts that referred to this process were destroyed around 300AD when the Christian Church tried to establish a canonical bible at the expense of any written information that did not fit neatly into the chosen pile. They were destroyed and burned, and only a few skillfully hidden collections found their way into the light in the mid twentieth century, most important being the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hamaddi Library. (For more information on this subject I suggest Gregg Braden’s books, “The Isaiah Effect,” and “Walking Between the Worlds.”) These texts described “Feeling that the prayer has already been answered.” Instead of asking for something to happen, they recommend creating the emotion that it already has, thus attracting the energy of completion rather than lack.

Let me say that again. TO CREATE THE EMOTION THAT THE PRAYER HAS ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED! That is the key to creation, in this world and the next.

Most of us were taught to pray for what we want, or for what we think we don’t have. What we don’t realize is that there are certain Universal Laws that work without our conscious understanding, and if we work in unison with these laws then the universe supports us as opposed to working against us. One of these laws is that “Energy flows where attention goes.” Here is what it means: Your deeper mind does not understand the specifics of what you are praying for. It simply follows the path of energy you establish, sometimes giving you what you don’t think you want because it thinks you asked for it. In other words, when you pray FOR something, or in order to receive something, let’s say peace, the underlying thought is that peace does not already exist in your life or the world. It is the “not there” that the deeper mind hears, and then amplifies it. The ancient technology of prayer tells us not to ask for what we want, but to feel as if it is already there???to become the completion of the prayer. Don’t ask for peace???become peace.


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