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Spring has sprung

Mar 21, 2001 #goddess, #ostara, #ritual, #spring

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Trees are beginning to sprout buds, animals are beginnig their mating rituals.
What an exciting time to be alive.

I performed a brief ceremony last night. To welcome the Goddess of Spring and to bid farewell to the God of Winter.

It was simple, but nice.
Currently I need to work on my attitude. Maybe it’s PMS, or maybe the stress of no money and no job is finally getting to me. But I asked the Goddess to give me strength and patience with my husband and my son.

It is a time for new beginnings. Perhaps it is a time for good things to begin, and the dark depressing winter to finally be over, on EArth, in my life and in my heart.

I have finished my collab for March. Ostara

Once again, I gladly welcome Spring!

Blessed Be!!!!


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