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Saint Patrick’s Day

Mar 17, 2001 #baby, #gabe, #pub, #shots, #siezure, #steph

St. Patrick’s Day.
Last year, I was pregnant and unable to go to a pub.
This year, the girls got one hour for a beer, while the guys stayed home with the kids, then the guys got their hour.

At least we got to do something!! :)

My best friends baby may have had a siezure today. She is trying to see doctors, but, she is military, and they keep telling her it was nothing! *sigh* Damn military.

I have lit a candle for little Gabe. Perhaps if you are reading this, you could light one for him too. It happened right after his 6 month set of shots.

May the Goddess protect him and keep him safe. Please let this be only a temporary reaction.

Blessed Be!!!!


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