• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Full moon ritual

A beautiful full moon tonight. I just finished my first “real” ritual in many many moons. I feel so good. I feel so fulfilled. I gazed at the moon, in Her beauty this evening. Magnificent.

Everything was just perfect (except the timing of the train… sucks sometimes living so near a train track! I just meditated till it left, then I backed up and redid some…)

It was wonderful tho, everything went smooth. The Goddess was truly with me this eve. I thanked Her for Her many blessings, and asked simply for a job and success for my husbands job, if it was justified and time to do so. If it was not yet time, I asked for Her guidance to understand where I am supposed to be. I also, (as I always do) asked Her for health and happiness for my son and that he live to do as he is meant to do.

I sent wishes and good thoughts to some friends of ours. I’m uncertain if this is something that is crossing the line, since they don’t believe as I do and didn’t request this. Only good thoughts and happiness, as things are sometimes tense. In my heart, I do not feel I did wrong. Maybe my motivations aren’t completely in the right spot, but my wishes for them are for the best. I care for them both, very deeply. I want only happiness and good for them. They are very special to me.

I think I have a buzz from the wine. I really don’t drink often, and I actually drank more than I’m used to these days. As I get back into this routine of following the days to honor the Goddess, my tolerance for wine will hopefully go back up somewhat. Kinda silly really. I’ve always loved wine, but while I was pregnant, I couldn’t drink much (only an occasional glass, and for ritual), then, even after my son was born, I couldn’t drink because I was breastfeeding. I always wanted some, but didn’t let myself have much. Hmmph. Then, when I stopped breastfeeding, I didn’t want any anymore…. *sigh* Murphy’s law, right?

It’s getting late, I prally should get to bed. (Weird, my lamp is flickering in time to my typing… I think I REALLY should go to bed. Good night!!!)

Blessed Be!!!!


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