• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

My computer died last Wednesday. I’m not being neglectful,I’m just going through withdrawal. I have borrowed a laptop, but currently, I am unable to connect to the internet… *sigh*
Who knows when things will get back to normal….

Monday, my son was extremely fussy. I couldn’t understand it. He just finished taking his antibiotics, so I didn’t think it would be possible for him to be sick… It was awful, I didn’t know what to do… Finally, at the end of the day, I thought maybe something evil or negative had invaded my house, or maybe it was just getting stronger, because I did a house clearing and welcoming when we first moved in. I did not do it very well the first time because I had to wing it since I had not found my BOS yet.

But Monday night, I had everything. I went to do my son’s room first. I performed a small ceremony, banishing any negativity or evil which might have been residing, then I asked the Goddess for her protection. After I finished in his room, I went through the entire house. By the time I was done, my son was asleep. Tuesday, he had the best day that he had had for a very long time. He played, he was happy, no odd fussiness (at least no more than usual for an eight month old). Thank you Goddess, your strength and protection was with us that night and has been since. My son and my sanity is much improved. I know now that there was something or just some presence here that was disturbing my son.

My son was born in Germany. On a Sunday. It is said in Germany, that children who are born on Sundays can see the fairies. Maybe that was what was bothering him. We used to have a cat that kept the tricky creatures away, but since my husband does not want cats right now, (and the landlord is against it as well) we are a catless family. Of course that is driving me nuts, but when the time is right, as has happened so many times before, a cat will come claim us and nothing we can do will make him/her leave. I look forward to that… I miss having my little furry friends.

Blessed Be!!


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