Let Slip The Past, Free The Now: The Alchemy of Samhaine

Author: Sitara Haye

This is a time of year when we look to the past. We flip through the memory book of our mind and note the faces of those that have come before us. With some, we share the genetic material of the physical body. With others, we share the spiritual genetics of the subtle body and the spirit.… read more

“Never regret.  If it’s good, it’s wonderful.  If it’s bad, it’s experience.”
-Victoria Holt, The Black Opal, 1993

Everything we do, everything we go through, has some purpose for us in our life, and in our growth.  So if we look at it this way, how could we regret anything that happens to us?  It may be terrible at the time, but sometimes it’s those really terrible times that give us the biggest spurts of growth. read more

Although she says she forgives me…

As bad as the rest.. and perhaps, maybe, because I know/knew what they did to me, I was probably worse.. because I knew the pain…

And although I have blocked much of my childhood (including college) from my memories, I know that I was not always a nice person.

No excuses…  my class was horrible as a whole, but even the bits and pieces weren’t great.… read more