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Weyr Live

Oct 12, 2003 #brenna, #ebh, #ezine, #weyr

Weyr Live!

Eblenns has finally started an online Ezine! The link is above!

Who is Eblenns? Well, that’s a long story…. In fact, I think I will borrow Brenna’s words about us: This is taken from the intro to the eZine

“Looking around, some of us still can’t believe that we’ve actually done this. That’s what happens when you put a bunch of highly-talented people who are comfortable with each other into a room and leave them to their own devices. They create something.
It started out as sort of a joke. Let’s create a magazine. At first, we laughed about it. Then we sobered. We looked around at what we were working with and said, “Why not? We could do this. I mean, really do this!”
In our midst, we had artists, photographers and graphic artists, award-winning poets and novelists, journalists, and accountants. We had people from every walk of life: many of the major religions, various backgrounds, interests and careers. In our daily discussions, you never know if we will talk about 10th Century garb, astrology, astronomy, gardening, brewing, fixing pipes, or children.
What do we want to do with this venture? What’s our focus? Why do we need a focus? We’re varied. The things we talk about in private are varied. Why should we limit ourselves? We write about anything that inspires us. When we’re silly, we’re silly. When we’re serious, we’re serious. This is a place where the reader gets invited into the den to listen to us share tales and heartaches, give advice that Dear Abby wouldn’t approve of, impart wisdom and just be friends.
We invite you. Draw up a chair and pick up a goblet. Welcome to the Weyr. You’ll feel at home in no time.”

One of our dreams actually came true! We have other dreams, such as a community…

This time I’m going to quote Ebh:
“I don’t want any limits. Not applied by a philosophy or religion or corporation. I want to use the best of all worlds and thought patterns. I want to teach children ethics and logic at 3. I want to teach self control from birth. Aesop did it. I want to teach babies how to come to terms with their humaness and in their individual ways. I want to encourage humaness. And I don’t want it to hinge on me, I may go senile or crazy and I will definitely die. I don’t want to run the place. That would drive me crazy and take all my time. I’d hate my life. I’m not dedicating my future to straightening out others’ problems, but I want bottom line. When it gets out of hand, someone has to be able to step in and say “shut up” or “that’s enough”. I want a place for shaolin to go, a place for christians to go, a place for atheists to go, a place for pagans, etc. I want human variety. Church bells are okay, buddhist monks’ chants are okay, dancing naked in the moon light is okay! It’d be nice if we could all do it together, but humans being what they are, I’ll forgo that. What ever, I’ll even tolerate a cross if it isn’t something that shouts at me, ‘torture, ugly, pain’. I want a bill of rights and responsibilities, i.e. You have the right to speak of whatever you want, but you have the responsiblity to assure that it is truth as best as you can ascertain and that it does not harm needlessly. You have a right to weapons, but you have the responsibility to know how to use them and safeguard them. In fact, you have the responsibility to own and know weapons, even if it’s just your body. If you won’t protect yourself, why should anyone. And so on. I want to learn from all the people in the group, everything they will teach. I want to provide people an outlet to sell their handicrafts and a place to experiment with their art. I don’t mind competition, I am a definite Aries and a capitalist to boot. What you earn is yours, what you don’t earn ain’t. I’m a warrior, I don’t give a rat’s ass what others think of that. I believe there’s a time and place for every human asset, even anger and aggression. If it weren’t for those, we’d’a died out long ago. I don’t know about motivating with nasty behavior. I have taught people with the fist when I had to, but only as a last resort. I want a public controlled environment where business and people will flourish and a private anarchy where the soul/spirit can fly.”

“I’m a dreamer.”

Such beautiful dreams. Perhaps one day… ;)
If we can realize one dream, what’s to stop us from realizing them all?

Blessed Be!


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