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Who Am I in the empath community

Mar 9, 2014 #empath

Here’s my bio that I’m writing up to be a guest on a internet talk show http://psychicaccesstalkradio.com/


Kris Bethea is a life-long empath who has experienced a wide-variety of life. Adopted from birth, she struggled as a child and as a teenage empath (who didn’t know what it meant to be an empath) she was shunned from the “in” group and barely accepted into “other” groups. After graduating high school in 1987, it took a few years before she settled on a field of study and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education in 1994.   After struggling as an empath with the  politics and proprieties of the American educational system, she decided to go back to school to became a computer programmer.

Being a military spouse and living in Germany for three years gave Kris an idea about cultural differences and the empath gift. Her son was born in Germany (Y2K baby!) and she has since realized that German hospitals are much more accommodating of the healthy mind, body and soul concept.

It was just recently that Kris was able to put a word to her “differences”. She is an empath! Her definition of being an empath is feeling others’ emotions. Until one learns control (via shielding, grounding or protective stones), life can be scary, confusing and difficult. After discussing empath with a old friend who has the empath gift as well, it was decided to create the Empath Support Group on Facebook back in 2010. Just this month, the group has gained five thousand empaths who are discovering their abilities. The most important goal in this group is to educate newly awakened or discovered empaths about this gift and for them to learn to protect themselves so they can be comfortable in social situations.

Being an empath is a gift. Kris believes that the world is changing and more and more people are awakening this gift. Once control is gained, this gift can be used to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Kris always emphasizes that each empath should help locally. Make a difference in one’s daily life and the rewards spread across cities, states and countries. Just make a difference locally and so often the pay-it-forward system allows for that one drop to spread like ripples in the human ocean.



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